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...from doing harm,
harm against other people, and harm against yourself.

I bind you, Nancy---"

Oops. Wrong spell.

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dark moon binding spell

Third observation of the national dark moon binding spell is tonight, at 9PM Pacific, midnight Eastern. Instructions here: extranewsfeed.com/a-spell-to-bind-donald-trump-and-all-those-who-abet-him-february-24th-mass-ritual-51f3d94f62f4
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to [personal profile] meus_venator 

...a talented writer and artist, a good friend, and a joy forever! May there be many more.

(apologies to the artist for the lack of attribution. I've lost it, forgotten it. But thank you!)
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I missed[personal profile] tabaqui 's birthday yesterday : o(   I hope it was a happy one, full of presents and candles and cake! Let me wish you a wonderful year to come!


Apr. 16th, 2017 05:34 pm
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a hare and a spare

Hazel and Backup want to wish those of you who observe it a Happy Easter, and the rest of you a lovely spring long weekend!

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Do you wish for anything at 11:11? If so, what do you wish for?

I don't understand the significance of 11:11 (feel free to provide info), but I wish for A. As little damage as possible done to the country and the world until we get the US government back. and B. To get settled in and as familiar with DW as I became at LJ, and for all my flisties to follow me here. And C. A pony.

A picture of yourself.

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 First real memory of something: Mom french braiding my hair at 3.

First Best Friend: Gail, whose parents adopted her soon after mine did me.

First real kiss: Raul, who was my bff’s bf’s bff, on furlough from the local military academy, in uniform. Rrarrr!

First Job: Door to door encyclopedia sales

First screen name: My own first name

First self-purchased album: Anybody remember the Columbia Record Club?

First funeral: One I sang at—for the infant sister of one of my friends.

First pets: Blue parakeet, PrettyBoy

First piercing/tattoo: ears

First credit card: a local store card to establish credit

First enemy: My sixth grade teacher, who used me and a notorious class clown student as examples to keep the class in line.

First big trip: California and back from NC by car when I was eight.

First play/musical/performance: Dance recital for a local dance studio

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Perry Como? Or some bluegrass-gospel group. My dad loved the latter.



 Last cigarette: 2004

Last big car ride: How big? We take 2-4 hour drives all the time. Day before yesterday.

Last kiss: Goodnight to the Other Human last night

Last good cry: Sunday, first watch of Moana

Last library book checked out: I can’t remember. The library revoked my card. I didn’t want to give the books back.

Last movie seen: In the theater? I can’t remember—I think it was Civil War. At home? Moana

Last food consumed: Oatsmeal with cranberres and walnuts.

Last phone call made: I don’t make calls. Eventually, everybody calls me. The last  was from OH.

Last TV show watched: Stone House Revival

Last time showered: Yesterday

Last shoes worn: terrain sandals

Last item bought: McFerrin-Yo Yo Ma album, Hush

Last ice cream eaten: Edaleen’s Coconut almond fudge/Tin roof sundae

Last shirt worn: Blue henley

Last website visited: AO3, then DW

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Test post. I should post a dirty limerick or something.
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A picture of your handwriting

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I'm exhausted and I'm confused and I'm intimidated, plus I'm in mourning a bit over leaving home. Well, having a new step-parent whose dictum is "my way or the highway" and well, honestly, I can't DO their way, so I couldn't stay. I haven't deleted my LJs yet--and won't. There's some cleanup I need to do, and I have ridiculous paid time so I'm going to *take* my time and leave nothing behind. I'm still reading and commenting over there, and will, for a while at least. But no new posts. Those go here.

And as for here, I will eventually get a sticky post up with links to my fics. All...half dozen of them. I will...oh lord, eventually make usable links from one chapter to the next, and from the masterpost to the correct chapters, for all the huge amount of...six or seven, maybe eight? fics. I will winnow the icons for the ones I will use the most. I will. I promise. Just...not now. Not today, and probably not by this time next week.

But on the upside, everything is here, in case LJ goes kerblooey. And I'll eventually get it all done, be settled in and comfy, and find the other immigrants and re-establish communication, and proceed.

But not now. Now, we nap.
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tea tray with pot, cup and saucer, plate with biscotti

English Breakfast in the unmarked American redware pot, almond biscotti on Royal Doulton's Clairmont daisy china.

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Sorry, I've been busy.

23--A letter to someone, anyone.

Dear kid,

Why didn't you say something? Anything.



24. Seven things that cross your mind a lot
People I love who are far away, people I used to be close to with whom I've lost touch, random memories of things I could have handled better, The cats who've lived with me over the years, Other people's dogs I've known. Favorite desserts I have known. Random flashes of sense memory: sunlight through leaves on a specific mountain road, the mountain view from the balcony of the gasthaus where we stayed in in Berchtesgaden, leaving the windows open all winter in our apartment in Firth so we could breathe in the steam heat.

25. Would you rather date someone plain with an amazing personality, or someone beautiful with a plain personality? Anyone with a personality sparkling enough for me to date them is automatically beautiful to me.

26. What are some little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy? The mug of tea OH brings me when I'm chilly. The fleece throw on my lap. Purring kitties. Happy well-written curtain fic. A well-scrubbed bathroom. New sheets on the bed. Thoughtful comments on something I wrote, fic or random post.
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Is there a private message to another DW user function on this site? Anybody? Bueller?
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A picture of what you wore today. I don't have a pic of the ensemble, but here're the elements.

black sweatsgrey henley

blue hoodiegrey socks

Inside all day, so sock footies, except for slippers when I stepped out on the porch. Also this

tree thong 2
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Turn ons and offs

Really? Okay. Ons--

Bodies--living breathing bodies: the curve of the nape, the angle of a wrist, the roundness of shoulder, of bicep, of breast. The heavy ripe weight of the buttock, the round fullness of the back of the thigh, the luscious apple-curve of calf, the spread of toes supporting weight. The sweep of eyebrow and the shadow beneath, the wet glint of cornea, the fall of eyelashes, the tender double pleat of philtrum. The human body as a collection of angle and curve, of hollow and fullness, each facet singled out for isolated appreciation. Not as a sexual object, merely living sculpture, studies in light, shadow, perspective, tension and relaxation.

Performance, earned by practice and dedication.

The quality of sunlight in those few days when the earth's axial tilt changes.

The sound of water: surf, running river, waterfalls large or mere trickles, soft rain, and the afterthought drip of eaves.

Offs--Assaults on the senses: too loud, too sudden, too harsh. Light too bright, flavors bitter, too sour, sharp or too highly spiced. Unpleasantly textured cloth: upholstery, clothing, bedding. Personalities too abrasive, too loud, too self-absorbed and unaware of emotional atmosphere.

Cruelty, careless handling, use with no investment or regard.

While each of us is the center of our own universe, that does not mean that we have the right to use up all the quiet, all the beauty, all the resources for mememe, and those who do so are wrong.
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Concerts you have attended

The Music Department was constantly giving concerts--selections from operas, choral, instrumental, either chamber or symphony performances.

Popular commercial artists concerts, the only one was Peter, Paul & Mary. No matter we had nosebleed seats, we were right off Paul's shoulder, stage right. I knew every note of every part of the harmony of every song they'd released. I was in anticipatory heaven. I got hysterical laryngitis in the car on the way to the venue, which didn't go away until I got home. Lost my chance to sing along. No matter. It was a fabulous concert.
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List all the places where you've lived

Winston-Salem, NC, residence
Winston-Salem, UNCSA, NC
Bordentown, NJ
Alexandria, VA
Nurnberg, Germany
Winston-Salem, NC
Bellingham, WA
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Name the tv show you have become addicted to. Supernatural, of course. Was there any doubt?

Also, I think it's a combination of the forward movement while we're taking a drive (as opposed to approaching a destination) plus the Old Folks' music (atmospheric, no lyrics) we tend to listen to. But I had a near-religious experience this afternoon suddenly hearing Yo Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin dueting on Concerto in D Minor for 2 Mandolins, RV. 532: Andante. Album, Hush, ordered. MINE!
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What do you want to be when you get older?

Alive. Healthy.


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