Mar. 8th, 2017 04:38 pm
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Next door has a small dog who, between being taken for walks, gets let out the back door with an admonition to "Go potty, Sammie!" When he's finished his business and ready to go in, he gives one or two short, sharp barks, and they're very quick to let him in.

We've gotten into the habit of, when we hear the bark, saying, "Go potty, Sammie!" Not that he can hear us or would mind us because Not His People. It's just habit for us.

We've been watching the How to Train Your Dragon series on Netflix. In last night's episode Toothless was particularly courageous and protective.

"I want a Toothless!" I told OH. "We could let him out in the side yard. Nobody would even know he was there."

OH didn't miss a beat. "Go potty, Toothless!"

Hmmm, maybe not.


Feb. 27th, 2017 05:49 pm
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OH makes a vat of vegebarleybeef soup several times a year, particularly welcome in winter. He offered a quart to the next door neighbor, who said, "Oh, I couldn't eat that much!" and accepted a pint, instead. This afternoon we found the pint container on the back steps with homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies inside. I'm liking this arrangement!

100_5616 cr sh final

Minton's Haddon Hall plate, cup, and saucer, thrifted sugar and creamer, Portmeirion "A Fine Romance" teapot. It pleases me the tea towel has herbs printed in purple and green.
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These binder clipsare familiar, useful little beasties. We have them around the house in several sizes, and use them for closing the chips bag to minding electric cords, and more.

When I dropped the laptop on a corner and broke the hinge of the lid/screen, OH leapt into action with the binder clips and duct tape.

100_5576 sh100_5578 ed
100_5581  sh ed100_5582
He re-established and stabilized the connection between keyboard and screen, even pulled the corner of the frame tight enough it didn't do that little boiling effect in the very corner. Of course, this all required that the lid not move.

You see where this is going, right? Yep, night before last, I pushed down the lid to close it--felt and heard the hinge go and stopped before it was completely closed, but the damage was done. Time to laptop shop. Which is entirely a mixed blessing, because while the computer itself is still good--blazingly fast and tons of storage--in spite of multiple settings tweaks, the touchpad remains Secret Rocket J. Squirrel. I've gotten extremely tired of it randomly highlighting a paragraph or two and deleting it--surprise! Or kicking up the font size a notch or two, you know, whimsically, when it wants to. I'm sure it's actually pilot error and I'm hitting some secret button accidentally, but I haven't been able to find the freaking button and I'm really frelling tired of the cursor squirreling around on its own. So I won't be sad to see the back of that feature.

But because the computer is fairly new and still good, OH plans to hook it up to a monitor and mouse and just use it as a desktop. So I don't feel too guilty about breaking my shiny new-ish thing.
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OH is rebuilding the neighbor's deck, from the crap job the handyman she hired did before she fired him. Support posts that don't reach the ground! Verticals that are *visibly* an inch and a half off plumb! Decking cut too short and pieced badly! We both knew it would drive him crazy if it wasn't fixed *right*, so he volunteered and she's helping with the digging and the clearing of rocks and the packing of gravel and sand, etc. Because she has a crop of them, she sent me another dahlia. This was the only thing heavy and wide at the base, narrow at the neck enough to support it. It's recycling. Kinda. Please to ignore the dust.

100_5386 sh
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Unable to follow a plot, but able to focus on the screen at least, last night, I watched DVR'd and Instant Watch eps of Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet, I Am Jazz, and basically, house porn. Property Bros Buying and Selling, Desperate Kitchens, Hunting Vintage, House Hunters International, Texas Flip and Move, and one of my favorites, Good Bones. I love the joyous crafty mom on that show, and the git'er done redhead and her 'hit it!" demo brother. Sheer mindless destruction for channeling free-floating rage, and unlimited budget reconstruction. Plus, mom usually finds some element or article left in the derelict house to showcase, a touch I like. Listed Sisters didn't seem to be on offer--I like them, too. Dozing off to the Scott twins and waking up to John and Anthony felt pretty seamless, or that could just have been the fuzzy brain.

I finished up with an ep from the original season of Pitbulls & Parolees, and schlepped off to my bed. I've been sleeping as much on the couch for the last week, because sitting propped up, I didn't cough as much. Flat in bed, I kept myself awake wheezing musically, or if I did fall asleep I'd cough myself awake in an hour or two, plus keeping OH awake as well. But I woke in my own bed this AM, breathing fairly well, with only an occasional coughing spasm. We sort of blinked at each other. I've had this crap for a week, he's had it for two. He made coffee, and we sat down to catch up on the news online. One cup in, I was blinking and sleepy, and went back to bed and slept another two hours. I ambled out to the living room and begged for scrambled eggs. I'm perfectly capable of making them, but they're his pans, in his kitchen, and it's not worth dealing with him hovering to supervise. But the eggs were yummy, as always, and I had the rest of my coffee. And then nodded over the laptop, dozing off three times in two hours.

I left OH dozing in the recliner (over his laptop) and as the house was heating up in the day, went to the back of the house to put fans in the windows to pull cool air from the woods, set pedestal fans in the hall to push the cool air through the house, put the box fan in the front window to exhaust warm air, and closed the blinds to shut out the sun. I scalded the empty water bottles, filled them from the filter pitcher, refilling the pitcher as needed, and put the bottles in the fridge. Then I did a quick cleanup of the kitchen counters, and bagged the wastebaskets full of used tissues to go in the trash. I disinfected the toilet and wiped down the bathroom counter and faucet, cleaned myself up a little and changed pajamas, but I ran out of steam before I managed to change the bed. Tomorrow. And a real shower. And a shampoo. And a call for an appointment to get my hair cut--short.

Had a banana for lunch, and some cooled tea made of boiled chopped ginger, honey, and lemon. Realized I'd not taken any anti-cold or cough meds the whole day and celebrated the occasion in my head, since I was too tired to do it out loud. And then I sat down and dozed off over the laptop again.

OH woke up and, since the sun was over the yardarm, he went out to water the plants in the shade. No deadheading, though. He ran out of energy. It looks like we may have this crap on the run. Oh--I glanced at my desk planner, and realized it was still turned to last week. Huh. I really have been lost in time. So tell me, what have I missed?
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Too many pictures of too much stuff behind the cut...

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If you look at the third picture, on the wall just to the left of the cupboard is the whole-house thermostat. In the fourth picture, the door immediately to the cupboard's left is the furnace. The wall oven is behind it, and behind that is the washer and dryer. Between the furnace and the washer-dryer is the hot water heater. Cozy little thermostat never feels the chill. OH has discovered how to motivate it, though--a bag of remedial frozen peas draped over the top of the thermostat for a minute or two usually results in the furnace kicking on. I keep him around because he's always on his toes like that. And for car maintenance.
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In other news, it feels really weird not to be hyperfocused on finishing a Big Bang story, and confabbing (do we still say confabbing?) with an artist. Ah well. Next year.

My Boo

May. 3rd, 2016 09:32 am
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The Other Human this morning: I'm sorry you didn't get your story in shape for the Sudden Crash.

Me: blink, blink. Blink, blink.

Me: (lightbulb) Ohh! (cracking up) You mean the Big Bang?

OH: (nodding) That. 'Course, from my perspective, what I see is, desperate fast typety, typety, typety, typety, hit SEND, Sudden Crash.

Me: Fair point. More coffee?

Ohh, I see

Feb. 1st, 2016 12:36 pm
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OH and I are both suffering a bout of slight eye irritation, from either airborne irritants, or a possible approaching cold (makes warding sign). I mentioned that my eyes were itchy, and he said, "Mine too. I took a benedryl, and washed my face in cool water, and I washed my eyes out with eyedrops."

I made a skeptical face.

"If you don't want to take anything, you could at least use the eyedrops. It's just saline."

...aaand my compulsion to set words to music kicked in. To the tune of "Sailing...(takes me away)" I warbled, "saaaline..."

He closed his eyes and did the headshake and fought a reluctant grin. And then it occured to me: in our relationship, he's the Jensen, I'm the Jared!
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We don't have a fireplace, but we do have a yawning black hole when the tv is off, so we've been playing the fireplace dvd a lot during the holidays, without music, just with the crackle-snap-hiss of "fireplace sounds." I've been creeping the Other Human out by randomly looking up and cooing in my best Lauren Bacall* voice, "What a pretty fire!" or "That's a pretty fire."

"Stop it! Stop it! You sound creepy, stop it!"

"Such a pretty fire..."

*the Witch of the Waste, Howl's Moving Castle
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Woke instantly this morning, noped out of another dream. Summer Glau in a ruffled red sheath and heels was trapped underground and the water was rising fast. A trap door opened in the floor, with the implication that it led to air and out. Nope, nope, nope, wide awake now, thanks.

In other news, the Other Human is apparently deeply appreciated by people more than just me. A clerk he sees often in the grocery store reached an arm from behind him, her hand holding a long-stemmed red-edged pink rose. "Take this home, you could probably use the brownie points." And the neighbor across the street, whose late-summer-fall garden has been usurped by dahlias, had stems broken in the recent winds. She gave him a pale yellow one as big as his head, with almost no stem.

We have a stack of three faux-slate ceramic tiles straight out of the wall-and-floor section of Home Depot. We attached rubber feet to the corners and use them as trivets. They are 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch squares, of varying colors, and we have them stacked on the kitchen bar counter, off-center toward one corner. In the stacked corner is a rock, brought through customs by a British friend from her holiday at a ruined Scottish castle. The rock is roughly triangular, striped in subtle shades of grey, and echoes the corner of the stack.

OH put the dahlia in a rough-textured ivory-tan pottery bowl of water, set the bowl on the stack of tiles, with the rock on the lowest corner. So simple, so deliberate, so beautiful.  (click pictures to enlarge)

100_5026 b



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