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The new bookshelves are up and in position. The boxed set dvds have been loaded on one shelf (yes, look closely, I'm sure you'll find familiar things there), and the bookshelf loading starts next. There will be low shelves beneath the gargoyle picture spanning the space between the two upright units--we'll need them. I'm going through ALL THE BOXES and culling ruthlessly--donating so many books, why do we have all these books--I can't bear to get rid of my books, there's NO SPACE for ALL THESE BOOKS... you know the process. I would love to shelve by category and then author, but lack of space dictates shelving by size. So once I know what's staying I need to organize by size, tap in the pegs and set the shelves at those according heights. It should go fairly fast once I'm past the sorting part.

corner from gargoyles to planets

BUT! I have collected and displayed the cheap old globes, carrying the bubbles, spheres  and planets theme from the gargoyles picture across to the spheres, planets painting. Some nifty globes there, too. The small blue one the farthest right is actually a star globe, giving positions of the constellations.

gargoyles, bubbles, spheres

globes, planets, and beyond

OH is thinking of hanging a solar system mobile in the corner over the flatscreen. What do you think, Y/N?

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