Mar. 23rd, 2017

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9. Pet peeves

I hate when things don't work the way they're supposed to. Whether it's something new and I follow the destructions and *it doesn't work!* as promised, or something I do by rote and *suddenly*, inexplicably, *it doesn't work!* My instinct is to *pound it* until it works right. Or, you know, dies.

I hate people touching my stuff without permission. Just *tell* me you want to look at the [thing from the curio cabinet] and it's okay. Grab it without asking and it makes me itch all over, and grabby hands you.

Deceptive advertising. "Miracle cleaner/face cream/car/tooth whitener! FIxes whatever's wrong in your life ...!" Does.Not.Either.  Liar.

10. One food and one beverage for the rest of your life

Seriously, if not for the wheat sensitivity, it would be bread, in all its infinite varieties. And water. I actually love drinking water, and only drink juice or wine or beer (small amounts, the yeast slams my sinuses shut fast) or single malt occasionally. The only soda I drink is clear or club soda, with a splash of ginger ale. So water only would really be no hardship.

11. Favorite quote?

So unfair. My son and I have conducted whole, lengthy conversations solely in tv and movie quotes, to the laughing amazement of friends and relatives. And you ask me for *one*? One that has many uses and connotations would have to be Raylan Givens' "Right 'air's good."


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