Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Concerts you have attended

The Music Department was constantly giving concerts--selections from operas, choral, instrumental, either chamber or symphony performances.

Popular commercial artists concerts, the only one was Peter, Paul & Mary. No matter we had nosebleed seats, we were right off Paul's shoulder, stage right. I knew every note of every part of the harmony of every song they'd released. I was in anticipatory heaven. I got hysterical laryngitis in the car on the way to the venue, which didn't go away until I got home. Lost my chance to sing along. No matter. It was a fabulous concert.
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Turn ons and offs

Really? Okay. Ons--

Bodies--living breathing bodies: the curve of the nape, the angle of a wrist, the roundness of shoulder, of bicep, of breast. The heavy ripe weight of the buttock, the round fullness of the back of the thigh, the luscious apple-curve of calf, the spread of toes supporting weight. The sweep of eyebrow and the shadow beneath, the wet glint of cornea, the fall of eyelashes, the tender double pleat of philtrum. The human body as a collection of angle and curve, of hollow and fullness, each facet singled out for isolated appreciation. Not as a sexual object, merely living sculpture, studies in light, shadow, perspective, tension and relaxation.

Performance, earned by practice and dedication.

The quality of sunlight in those few days when the earth's axial tilt changes.

The sound of water: surf, running river, waterfalls large or mere trickles, soft rain, and the afterthought drip of eaves.

Offs--Assaults on the senses: too loud, too sudden, too harsh. Light too bright, flavors bitter, too sour, sharp or too highly spiced. Unpleasantly textured cloth: upholstery, clothing, bedding. Personalities too abrasive, too loud, too self-absorbed and unaware of emotional atmosphere.

Cruelty, careless handling, use with no investment or regard.

While each of us is the center of our own universe, that does not mean that we have the right to use up all the quiet, all the beauty, all the resources for mememe, and those who do so are wrong.


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