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Jun. 9th, 2017 01:28 am
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1. Did you know your spouse? No
2. Did you car pool? No, school bus.
3. What kind of car did you have? Borrowed my mom’s Renault Dauphine

4. It's FRIDAY night, where are you going? In front of the tv.
5. What kind of job did you have? Door to door encyclopedia salesperson, concession stand attendant at the roller rink.

6. Were you a party animal? Not ever.
7. Were you considered a jock? No.
8. Were you in choir/band? Chorus—500 voices strong, participated in competitions and concerts. Fantastic director. Loved it!

9. Were you a nerd? I suppose.
10. Did you get suspended? Not even scolded.
11. Can you sing the fight/school song? Don’t think we had one.
12. Where did you eat?  cafeteria
13. Where was high school? rural North Carolina
14. What was your school mascot? Almighty Eagles. Until the local religious types insisted ‘almighty’ only referred to g*d and we were being blasphemous by referring to the football team as equal with g*d, so we were demoted to the 'Mighty Eagles.' They were okay with that.
15. If you could go back and do it over? No.

16. Do you still talk to the person you went to prom with? Yes, but I get odd looks talking to myself.
17. Are you planning on going to the next reunion? Not without a gun to my head.
18. Are you still in contact with people from high school? No.
19. Did you skip school? Never.

20. Do you know where your high school sweetheart is? No.
21. What was your favorite subject? Drama
22. Do you still have your High School ring? Loaned it to a kid. Who lost it.
23. Do you still have your year-books? I think they’re still at the old house. Haven’t seen them in years.

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willpower works for me in re: sweets, is not to keep any about. You ask an alcoholic, "How much did you drink?" and the likely answer is, "All of it." This is my relationship to dessert. I usually treat myself to something decadent out, or once in a great while bring home a single serving. This avoids the whole guilt spiral of finding myself standing in front of the open freezer door at 2AM eating frozen cheesecake with a sharp knife.

In light of that, I just threw together a yummy substitute: 1 tsp. each, Dickinson's coconut curd, soft cream cheese, and Nutella. Blend well, spread thickly on cinnamon graham crackers, and enjoy. Wash up the coffee cup, knife, and spoon, and rest sated in the knowledge that I did, indeed, eat "all of it." NOM.
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from [personal profile] beanside 

Who are you named after?

They spelled my middle name Arline to honor my dad,  Arlis

Last time you cried?

On the phone with OH, family troubles

Do you like your handwriting?

I quite like it, though arthritis is stealing it

What is your favorite lunch meat?

Smoked turkey. Though it’s hard to beat good roast beef

Longest relationship?

Marriage of decades

Do you still have your tonsils?


Would you bungee jump?


Favorite kind of cereal?

I don’t eat cold cereal, so, oatmeal

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

People do that? Not usually

Favorite ice cream?

Coconut almond fudge, from a local dairy. Wait, lemme 'splain. It's fine-shredded coconut, veins and pockets of Actual Fudge, and slivered almonds, in almond ice cream, which is purest white and intensely almond.

What is the first thing you notice about a person?

Voice, probably, then body language

Football or baseball?

Gymnastics or figure skating

What color pants are you wearing?


Last thing you ate?

Amazing multigrain bread with sunflower seeds, toasted

What are you listening to?

Birdsong. And the county gun range.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

Dark, dark blue, or bottle green

What is your favorite smell?

New-cut grass and clover

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?




Hair color?

I keep hoping to go dramatically grey, but it’s stubbornly brown. Fading just  little along the part.

Eye color?


Favorite foods to eat?

I’m forbidden tomatoes, onions and peppers, so pizza with cracker-thin, crisp crust, olive oil and cheeses, broccoli, spinach, black olives, mushrooms, sausage (with fennel!) and maybe pepperoni, more cheese.

Scary movies or happy ending?

Not a fan of either scary or fluff. Troubling, challenging movie with a satisfying resolution—how’s that?

Last movie you watched?

I don’t remember. It’s been a while since I saw a movie in the theater.

What color shirt are you wearing?


Favorite holiday?

Comes thrice a year: post-Halloween, post-Valentine’s Day, and post-Easter. It’s Half-Price Candy Day!

Beer or wine?

Single malt

Night owl or morning person?

Owl into morning

Favorite day of the week?

Don’t really have one

Favorite season?

It would be spring, but for the allergies. Fall, next—though that’s allergy-frought, as well. Winter’s nice, if you don’t have to be somewhere.

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These questions come from Feodora

1. How did you name your pets?
2. Poirot or Miss Marple?
3. Do you have a FB account too?
4. Books - hardcover or paperback
5. Mobile(cell phone): Windows/Android or Apple?

We've always cued on the pet's appearance/personality, and a bit of fannishness. There was Jennyanydots, from elliot's Book of Practical Cats. She was a dilute tortoiseshell who looked as if someone had splashed paint on her, thus, dots. And the solid grey Merlin--actually named after football star Merlin Olsen. Jenny's daughters, Buttercup,a relatively rare yellow tabby female who we thought was a tom, and who had the demeanor of Miss Piggy, all "Mew? Mew? Meeeoww?" when she wanted something, and "Kiiiii-YAAAAH!" when you denied her whatever it was she wanted. Her sister, a true tortoiseshell with the brightest orange showing through the densest black fur, we named Ember. Another mostly black tortoiseshell who was very hoppy as a kitten, we named Cricket. Thomas was named before he moved in on us from neglectful neighbors, and would not answer to anything else. My mom's white miniature poodle's ears showed some apricot in her lineage, and was named Taffy because of the taffy-color on her ear tips. Our three-legged feral rescue was TC--originally for Three-Claw, but also for Tripod Cat, Thelonius Clawed, and other nicks with those initials. Punkin moved in on us from *other* neglectful neighbors, was a big orange tabby with a very sweet and grateful disposition.

While I love the period-ness and the fussiness of Poirot, I have more admiration and fellow-feeling for Miss Marple.

I do have a FB account, which I use to keep in contact with distant relatives and old friends I see nowhere else. I never post there.

If I truly love a book enough to want to keep it, I'll find it in hardcover, either new, or good-condition used. Neither the hands nor the eyes enjoy mass market paperbacks, no matter how inexpensive, so for reading I prefer trade paper, good used condition.

While I have a smart phone, I deliberately don't have internet access enabled. I use it for calls, texts, a contact list, and photos. I don't even have games on it, or maps or gps. I enjoy my status as phone luddite, thanks.
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Two names you go by:
1. Bev
2. Fu

Two parts of your heritage:
1. Adopted
2. Mongrel white

Two things that scare you:
1. Intolerance
2. Bullying

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. locket  (click pic to embiggen)
2. Grey henley

Two physical things that appeal to you:
1. Voice
2. ass

Two of your favorite hobbies:
1. Workshopping writing
2. Arranging photo vignettes

Two things you want really badly:
1. My health
2. The ability to consume unlimited chocolate without consequences

Two places you want to go on vacation:
1. The Olympic Penninsula
2. Drive down Hwy 1 to Norcal

Two things you want to do before you die:
1. Get my body into better shape
2. Travel

Two things you are thinking about right now:
1. How pretty the snow is
2. How toasty my sofa is

Two stores you shop at:
1. Fred Meyer
2. Wonderland Teas and Spices

Two people you haven't talked to in a while:
1. The kid
2. The other kid

Two favorite websites:
1. Livejournal
2. Tumblr

Two things you did last night:
1. Edited photos
2. Watched down the recorded shows on the DVR

Two shows you like to watch:
1. Supernatural
2. iZombie

Two places you like to go to:
1. Deception Pass
2. Ebey Point

Two favorite subjects in school:
1. Drama
2. Creative Writing

Two favorite places to eat:
1. Royal Star (Chinese)
2. Five Columns (Greek)

Two people that who live in your house:
1. The Other Human
2. Me

Two things you like about yourself (physically):
1. Laugh
2. Eyes

Two things you ate today:
1. Oatmeal (thick cut, with walnuts, dried cranberries, and coconut oil)
2. String cheese

Two people you last talked to in person:
1. OH
2. Neighbor David

Two people you last texted:
1. Amy
2. Stefan

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Spending a lot of it online
2. Scrubbing the bathroom
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Socks always wear out in the heel, sometimes the toe, but usually the heel. And the worn through heel...makes a good hole for your thumb, if you cut off most of the foot part and use the rest for a mitt, the cuff for armwarmers. I can't wear most fingerless gloves anymore, my hands object to any sort of binding, even soft gloves or socks, but they love the snuggly warmth of soft sock cuffs. The heel-hole for my thumb, though, can't do that either, it pulls and stresses the joint. So I'm wearing a snazzy, cozy pair of sock cuffs over my achey wrist bones, pulled up to the base of my fingers, and the joints are all loose and warm and happy.

I just need to remember to snatch them off before washing my hands, or plunging them into dishwater.


Jul. 25th, 2016 11:59 am
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I saw my first Clinton-Kaine banner yesterday. Sounded like Christian's older brother--the one who advises you on how to dress.

Enough about that. Big Bang is well underway, with loads of lovely fic and gorgeous art to wallow in. One I'm particularly fond of, and rec with abandon, is [ profile] sylsdarkplace's Lone Star, with amazing art by [ profile] 2blueshoes. Links to the art post and AO3 on the masterpost. Go. Read. You'll be glad you did.

A to Z meme

Oct. 2nd, 2015 05:50 pm
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from da flist

Age: Cretaceous
Biggest Fear: becoming irrelevant
Current Time: 5:29 PM

Dog or cat person: innately cats, but I love dawgs, too

Easiest Person To Talk to: The Other Human
Favourite Song: If I Had My Way (in this wicked world, I would tear this building down!)

Ghosts, are they real: only in the minds of those left behind

Hometown: Forsyth County, North Carolina
In love with: The Js. And The Other Human.

Jealous Of: my younger self--if I knew then...

Killed Someone? not in this lifetime
Last time you cried: this afternoon reading fic (tcha!I've been sick)

Middle Name: Arline, after my dad, Arlis.
Number of Siblings: none
One wish: physical health

Person who you last called: my brother-in-law
Question you're always asked: Are you on something? (give me some!)

Reason to smile: homemade beef noodle soup for dinner
Song you last sang: The Witch's Lament
Time you woke up: 9:20AM (I've been sick!)

Underwear Color: white
Vacation Destination: New Zealand

Worst Habit: laziness
X-Rays: teefs, chest, hand
Your favorite food: Ice cream
Zodiac Sign: pisces

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...who got it from [ profile] wings128

Something Starting With...

It's harder than you think.
You are not allowed to use google.
Answer the following questions using the first letter of your name.
Feel free to play too. Good Luck!!

Name: Bev
Animal: Bunny
Boy's name: Balthazar
Girl's name: Bathsheba
Colour: Bluuuuuue
Something you wear: Bustier
Drink: Bunnahabhain
Food : Blintz
Something you find in your bathroom: Burt's Baby Bee cream
Reason to be late: Buddha and flowered trellis contemplation from bedroom window

In other news, jaw is healing well so far, though sore. In other, other news? I've discovered a wonderful new relationship with oxycontin...
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To the lab before breakfast for fasting blood draw, after pounding water last night and this morning. Waiting room unusually full, and after awkward silence, someone mentioned "dog", and we all fell into discussion of dogs. At no point did I feel it appropriate to shrug, "But I'm a cat person," because I love dawgs, too. One of the wait-ers breeds and raises Shelties, and she had a pic on her phone of her brood--SO CUTE!!

The bruise is nearly faded from the last draw--the tech is careful and as quick as she can be, I just have tiny, squiggly, wriggly veins. She had to fan the needle under the skin last time, unsuccessfully searching for the vein, thus the spectacular bruise. But I usually bruise if you blow hard on me, so I'm not the ideal confidence-builder for a phlebotomist. She asked which location paid off last time, and we started on the back of the left hand. OW. She managed to get enough for one of five tests. Then to the left inner elbow, where the bruise lingers, and she got enough for one more test. Finally, the right inner elbow yielded enough for the remaining three tests.

OH put a cup of coffee in my had before I was out of the chair, and we set off on a drive down a sun-dappled leafy cliffside drive. A half peanut butter sandwich each, with a banana as backup, and we were good. We meandered to Deception Point, and across the bridge, a nod to the rock where we scattered our son's ashes, and on to Whidbey and Ebey Point. We parked and watched a handful of guys flail the water with fishpoles and lines, saw a fish jump, listened to the surf roll in, basked in the sun, and watched the dazzle on the water. Heaven. Then back through Coupville (a nod to Sally's shop), and along Madrona Way. We wandered, "lost," up a private road to try and get a better look at a house with an interesting roof we can only glimpse from the road, but it's shrouded in blackberry vines and hidden, so we did *not* drive up the driveway and pretend to have the wrong address.

We were going to stop for lunch in Oak Harbor, but the restaurant is no more, so we came home and had a late lunch, did eyedrops and "morning" meds (oops), and a few small chores, and now I'm catching up on the internetz. We're all fine here, how are you?
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Thanks so much for all the good wishes. They mean a lot. News when I have it.
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(You'll note the required PNW uniform hoodie.)

Go here and make your own.
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Quiz: What is Your Subconscious Obsessed With?

Your subconscious is obsessed with knowledge!

The pictures you have selected suggest that you have one the most curious minds we have ever seen! Your subconscious is always looking for something new to learn, new sights to see, practically anything that would give a nice exercise session to that big brain of yours, and help you advance in life.
You are a very passionate and patient person, and that combination helps you to truly immerse yourself in a subject without feeling the need for 'Quick Fixes' or feeling bored. Keep it up, you have a lot to learn!
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Let's just call a spade a garden implement, okay? I am no domestic goddess, by any estimation. I dislike work of any sort, housework included. Oh yes, I can scrub a bathroom with the best of them, wield a swiffer like a samauri warrior, and tweak tchotchkes on a shelf half-inch left, no, right and back diagonally, no, left and further back... for an entire afternoon. Once started, you know, it's hard for me to quit. Starting is hard.

One of the things that whips my chicken about cleaning, is that you have all these neat *tools* for specific jobs--this little brush that reaches the crevices of the whatnot, and the wandy-thingy for reaching up high, and the special cloth for furniture polishing, or silver polishing, or brass or copper...don't mix up the cloths. Toothbrushes work for a lot of things. The vacuum has a beater bar that does a decent job on the rugs. All well and good. So you do the job, right? You get it all sparkling clean and now you can move on to something else. Like a bubble bath, or a coffee or tea on the deck with a book, all virtuous-like, basking in your accomplishment.

Except, you can't. Because, even though you did the job you set out to do, you got the thing clean, now you have to clean the tool that you cleaned the thing with. And who makes the tool to clean the tools you use to clean the things? I sit down by the trashcan and upend the vacuum cleaner with the body of it clamped between my thighs and go at the bristles of the beater bar with scissors and a chopstick, cutting and pulling out the hair that snarled around the bar. I take the wandy thingy I use to sweep the cobwebs off the ceiling fan and around the ceiling corners outside and try to discreetly beat it against the house wall to dislodge a lot of the dirt before I sit down and use a comb to get the rest of the yutz out of it, then go back inside and put it away, and then wash the comb. And then clean the sink and clean out the strainer in the drain. I pull the full bag out of the trash can and take it to the dumpster--then come back in and wash the lid and the outside of the trashcan. And then wash out the cloth I used to wash the trashcan.

It never ends! I mean...I see no end point. I think I want a steam cleaner unit, just suck the filth off everything with it, and then dump the nasty water and wash and dry it and the attachments and put it all away until the next time the house is dirty enough to catch my attention.

I swear, it's always something.
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There are quite a few empty dates, so if there's anything you ever wanted to ask me, now's your chance. My December questions meme page is here.

In other news, I'm beginning to hate the cold. Both wrists are yelling, and that's with the braces and the warmers. Pfeh.


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