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The majority of this was posted in comments in someone else's journal, so I thought I'd move it here, both for availability for my flist, and so I can find it later.

I ordered my S12 DVDs online from a website called Bonanza, through a seller called Jubilee Marketplace, here: www.bonanza.com/listings/Supernatural-The-Complete-Twelfth-Season-12-DVD-2017-6-Disc-Set-Brand-New/492229574

I was concerned that perhaps they were selling a cloned copy, so I asked here after they arrived if anyone had seen the actual factory set, bought at a Target or shipped from Amazon. A couple of people sent me photos of the valid set, showing the thinness of the case, so I was reassured that this is a factory set.

Someone asked if the photos on the back of my case were b/w, and they are in color. However, there is no insert guide to which episodes are on which discs, which discs contain deleted scenes, commentary, etc., and the gag reel.

I figured you would have to insert each disc and read the disc menu to find those "extras," so I loaded each disc in my DVD player. Each disc listed only the episodes, no extras, no deleted scenes or commentary. There is a button on the disc menu of Disc 6 for "special features." The first time I clicked that button the player launched right into Jared's commentary on Episode 1. That only ran a minute or two before the sound and the picture pixellated into garbage. I FF'd a bit and now there was commentary on another episode. I stopped play and went back to the disc menu to try the "special features" button again, hoping for a list of commentaries, deleted scenes, and gag reel.

We have an entertainment setup that covers the cable box/dvr recorder and player, the Xbox we only use for Blu-ray disc viewing and accessing Netflix, and the DVD player, which is located in the soundbar. We have a remote that designates which type of player we use.

What happened when I clicked the "special features" button on Disc 6 the second time, it kicked me out of the DVD player and onto an "auxilliary" channel. The DVD player was still on, but I couldn't select the DVD player, and the disc wouldn't eject until I turned off the DVD player, and selected it again. I turned the DVD player back on, re-inserted the disc, and tried the "special features" button again. It didn't start playing the commentary this time, just kicked me to the "aux" channel. I couldn't select "DVD player" and had to turn it off, and eject the disc again. I turned the player back on, reinserted the disc, and clicked all three episodes on the menu; each of which started playing immediately. So at least the episodes are viewable. I didn't check the episodes on the other discs. I hope they play, as well.

I didn't click around on the menu pages of each disc for easter eggs--I don't even think they hide "extras" that way anymore. But I did notice while running the beginning of the three episodes I checked that the digital replay is crap. The fine print on the back of the slipcase says that these are "widescreen," matted to reproduce the appearance of the episodes when they aired. The footage I saw was in widescreen, and I didn't notice any matting. Also, nowhere on the slipcase or plastic case is there a notation that the picture quality is HD.

I don't know. I'm assuming these are factory discs, and I am *very* disappointed with the quality. I assume if I'd been able to afford the blu-ray discs that they'd have all the bells and whistles, in addition to beautiful image quality.

I guess it's worth what I paid to have a copy of the episodes, but I do feel cheated of the extras, and the HD picture quality.

Here's a list of the "Special Features" on the DVD set at Best Buy:

3 audio commentaries
4 Featurettes:
Gag reel
Supernatural: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
The Winchester Mythology: A Hunter's Life
The Winchester Mythology: Clash of the British Men of Letters
The Winchester Mythology: Mary Winchester
Unaired scenes

That's a lot of material either not included, or inaccessable in the set I bought. Target doesn't list that on their page for the DVD set, nor does Amazon, or any other place I've looked.

I'ma have to buy a second set, aren't I? What I get for trying to save a bit of cash.I had planned to buy from Amazon. Their description has always included the number of discs *and* a list of all the extras. They don't have that this year. I didn't think to check with my Jubilee seller before I ordered, either. And really, you have no point to complain that something's missing if it wasn't listed to begin with.

But the set on the Best Buy site does have all the extras listed, and they're the only place I've found that does. If I was going to purchase a set now, knowing what I know, I'd buy from them.


Aug. 4th, 2017 06:15 pm
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I was using the orange ritual candle from an assortment of colors someone gave me. I needed a "stub" of orange candle for this: extranewsfeed.com/a-spell-to-bind-donald-trump-and-all-those-who-abet-him-february-24th-mass-ritual-51f3d94f62f4 every time I perform it on the dark of the moon. I cut the candle into several pieces, each long enough to light and burn long enough to recite the ritual, ignite the picture, and then extinguish it.

binding ritual

Dammit, I just had to buy more orange candles.

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These binder clipsare familiar, useful little beasties. We have them around the house in several sizes, and use them for closing the chips bag to minding electric cords, and more.

When I dropped the laptop on a corner and broke the hinge of the lid/screen, OH leapt into action with the binder clips and duct tape.

100_5576 sh100_5578 ed
100_5581  sh ed100_5582
He re-established and stabilized the connection between keyboard and screen, even pulled the corner of the frame tight enough it didn't do that little boiling effect in the very corner. Of course, this all required that the lid not move.

You see where this is going, right? Yep, night before last, I pushed down the lid to close it--felt and heard the hinge go and stopped before it was completely closed, but the damage was done. Time to laptop shop. Which is entirely a mixed blessing, because while the computer itself is still good--blazingly fast and tons of storage--in spite of multiple settings tweaks, the touchpad remains Secret Rocket J. Squirrel. I've gotten extremely tired of it randomly highlighting a paragraph or two and deleting it--surprise! Or kicking up the font size a notch or two, you know, whimsically, when it wants to. I'm sure it's actually pilot error and I'm hitting some secret button accidentally, but I haven't been able to find the freaking button and I'm really frelling tired of the cursor squirreling around on its own. So I won't be sad to see the back of that feature.

But because the computer is fairly new and still good, OH plans to hook it up to a monitor and mouse and just use it as a desktop. So I don't feel too guilty about breaking my shiny new-ish thing.
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I clicked a link by accident and now my journal is all new form. I hate it! I've avoided it so far, and I want to switch back to the old look! There aren't links in my header to take me to the pages where I could set things--they're apparently not there, or at least well hidden. Has anybody got the magic phrase to utter to reset my page and profile page back the way they were? Please?

Okay, thanks to any of you cavalry types about to ride to the rescue, but I got over my panic and figured out how to navigate enough to get where I needed to be and I FIXED IT. All on my own. And my page is BACK. *Hugs page*

Yeah. Still good.
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I bought a book online recently. I don't know the author or her work, and the book has been out for several years so, feeling no particular compulsion to add to their income ("Hello, yes, do you have 'this book' in stock? No, I don't have time for you to order it, I'm going to a birthday thing today, and she mentioned wanting this book in particular." Or strolling through the store, turning the book's cover face out on the shelves. Or if they do have it, "Yes, and let me have four additional copies to use as gifts." Leaving reviews online, etc. I'm a huge known-author booster), I ordered a used paperback.
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So anyway, I can't with this book. I'ma have to find another copy that I can stand to hold long enough to read!
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So, we know that when I was a wee gurlie, my mom's pet names for me were "Stand up and fall down" or "Trip over your own shadow."Read more... )

So hi. I will just be over here on the couch, subsiding into Hutt form. Call me Jabba. 
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The eye surgeon is pleased with the improvement in the eye. The pupil no longer looks like Quasimodo's lumpier cousin, OH says, but like a football. The atropine drops have broken some of the adhesions that were pulling it out of shape. But they've done as much as they can do, so I'm to stop the atropine drops, and finish the week with the steroid drops twice a day, and once a day thereafter until my next appointment at the end of October. Vision itself has improved--the opaque "floater" that obscured more than half the vision in the left eye has reduced to about the size of the end of my finger, and is nearly clear. No pain, and much less light sensitivity. However,

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$180.00 for a teeeeny bottle of eyedrops? Really?

And that's the generic! Oy.

Thank heaven for OH, though, because I can't put drops in my own eyes, to save me, and one of these is 6 x day, the other is 2 x day. The sweetheart, he even sat down and drew up a schedule.
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Never google image your newly diagnosed eye ailment. Eesh.
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Off to the eye doc in the morning to inquire about the sudden, rather frightening loss of vision in my left eye, and the equally sudden aquiring of new PVDs. Wish me no detachments! And I'd really really love it if there was a fix with no surgery.
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Re: the banner across my screen noting LJ will be down for maintenance for an hour today beginning at 22:00 UTC, this better not be the aforetold irreversible conversion to "feed" rather than friends page. If I want "feed" I'll go to the damn kitchen. Hands off my page, le eljay!

Um. As I was going to say, when I bought the pleated cellular up-down shade for my bedroom window, I chose it because of the lovely rosy translucence. It does provide quite a bit of insulation when it's closed, but it doesn't block, rather, it filters, light.

We have new next-door neighbors, who apparently moved from the depths of urban peril, and having to constantly be on guard and maintain defenses. They chirp the car lock when they dash back inside for a coat or a water bottle. When they go inside, the door shuts solidly behind them, and you can hear the positive click of the thumb latch, followed by the chain lock sliding home. Windows are never open to the breeze, nor are curtains and shades. They're lovely people, chatty and friendly, and there are new pots of flowers and welcome signs, even patio furniture on the new deck--but it's behind a gate, which is locked.

They got a dog from a rescue (go them!) and are building a dog lot behind the house, with a narrow run between their house and ours with a gate to access it from the back stoop (oh, yay, having to listen to barkies and smell poopies while sitting on our porch). To facilitate this, they've taken down the ivy-grown partition that used to screen the door and stoop. This bemuses me because, 'Were you aware the prevailing winds are from the woods in back of your property? That the wind, rain, and occasional snow *howls* up the narrow tunnel between houses, and that screen created a barrier where you could offload groceries from the car and fumble for your keys without getting soaked and chilled through?' Which, eventually, they'll realize that. But also, in a far more acute way which actually affects, you know, *me*, that partition screened their porch light from my bedroom window. Not satisfied with the attractive carriage-style porch light, they've installed a double floodlight, one light focused toward the street, in case marauders arrive that way, never minding the elderly ladies in their walkers and scooters, the tiny doglings on their walkies, the mama raccoon prone to squatting in the middle of the street and squalling for her wandering offspring, or the squirrel doing his/her daily rounds of porch water features and prospecting for tasty leftovers. Not to mention the eight-point buck forgetting what he was doing in the middle of the street--"Uh, whut?" Yup, if the reavers come by street, next door is protected--or at least, well-lit (I should be well lit, ITYW). The other light is aimed at the white-painted door of their garden shed, in case somebody wants to steal the single pair of rusty hedge shears, the empty packing boxes, and miscellaneous trash therein.

The result of this midnight lightshow is that my lovely cellular shade does bupkiss against the light. I woke up in the middle of the night the other night and the damn wall was *glowing*. I felt like I was about to be hailed by a message from the Big Giant Head, or the mothership, or something. Dayum. My first instinct was to offer OH's services to install the sort of fixture we have on our back porch, between us and the *other* neighbor--it's a double floodlight, but it's movement-activated. If the buck wanders through, "Uh, whut?" he gets lit up. In fact, OH was on the porch one night when a baby bunny got pinned by the lightus horriblis. It goes out in a minute if there's no further movement. You know, practical.

But, unused as I am to dealing with Other People's Issues and the closeness of neighbors (spoiled. The place was owned and maintained for a couple of years before they moved in permanently), better judgement reminded me that the problem was mine, not theirs, and I started pricing blackout shades. Uh, nuh-uh. Prohibitive. So I asked the Other Human, "Do we have a sheet of corrugated cardboard big enough to cover the bedroom window?" Mr. Sleep-through-anything was never fashed, and I had to explain that yes, I *really* was bothered by the searchlights from hell lighting up the window shade and thus the room sufficient to read small print if you squint, enough that it was affecting my sleep, he went in search of flattened moving boxes, and with the aid of contact cement and duct tape, I have a panel that friction fits into the window outside the shade, and even has duct-tape fashioned pull tabs to remove it. I slept like babies last night, like a clear-conscience, innocent, creature of light and goodness. Kisses to my OH, and I give dispensation that the neighbors may live.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sanshal and [livejournal.com profile] stir_of_echoes, this has already gotten around pretty quickly, but I thought I'd boost the signal.

The Ebooks Tree site is apparently pulling works of fiction from AO3 and hosting them as PDFs and mobi downloads on their site. There's a link to a Tumblr with helpful suggestions for requesting a takedown Here!.

They have my MTW verse there as a single download, though they don't list anything else I've posted. But if you post to AO3, you might want to check if your fic isn't on offer at Ebooks tree, too. There is apparently no charge to download from them, but a friend tells me that site does deflect to two others which do charge to download or read, so somebody is making profit off of fic that isn't theirs.

Ebooks Tree is not reading your “do not copy/duplicate” notes on your AO3 fic; their bots are pulling things directly from AO3, without AO3′s authorization or assent. AO3 is aware of the situation, and is working on it.


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