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morgan earp

"Remember what I said about people seein' a bright light before they die? It ain't true. I can't see a damn thing."

hudson aliens

"Game over, man, game over!"
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That movie meme

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Who chose these movies, and why these particular ones and not others? Where are the Conans, the House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger, The Scent of Green Papaya and The Garden of Words? Where are all the Studio Ghibli movies, and other anime? Excalibur? All the 1950s musicals? The Losers? The Batman movies from Keaton-Kilmer-Clooney to Bale? The Diehards? The Fifth Element? The Marvel movies? Enh. I must be missing the point of this meme.
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Someday, when I have the spoons, I'll start a "which movies would you marathon together, and in what order" meme. No, it'll be fun!
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Thank you all who replied to my last post. It means a lot.

And moving on, from all over my flist, have a meme. Thing.

Name six movies you can watch any time without ever getting sick of them.

1. Must be viewed as a double bill: The Princess Bride, and Pirates of Penzance (the Kline, Smith, Ronstadt & Lansbury version *only*!) **

2. Ghostbusters 1 & 2 (for the quotes, alone!)

3. Local Hero ++

4. Chocolat

5. Still Breathing

and interchangeably,
6. My Neighbor Totoro/Spirited Away

**The double bill was the gf test for the sons. "I dun geddit. I'm bored," meant we'd seen the last of the young woman.

++ The Mark Knopfler soundtrack alone makes it worthwhile.
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I'd like to amend that list of movies to add Wind.

No, it's not a great movie. By critical standards, it's not even a good movie. It's a story about an elitist sport that's even more rareified and genteely cutthroat than the equestrian industry, America's Cup yacht racing. I mean, really, what kind of greater meaning or social relevance can you glean from that?

But it's so damn pretty, with the sailing footage, and the healthy, bronzed bodies, and the sunlight sparkling off the water and the glitter of picturesque, evocative spray, not to mention the wonderful Basil Poledouris score. There's Matthew Modine at his buff finest, and Jennifer Grey mostly pre-nose job (I think she had the surgery sometime during filming) and familiar. Her character is all focus and effectiveness, nothing like Baby Houseman, but charming in her softer moments.

There's a long stretch working on a yacht design in an empty hangar in the desert, with the obligatory tropical scenery painted on the wall behind an above-ground pool. The best gag in the world that nobody got is the four main characters angsting over this damn boat that *won't* come together, while Stellan Skarsgaard plays The Skye Boat Song on an echoing plaintive cello.

There's a scrappy fashionista heiress raising funds, aided by Skarsgaard, there's treachery by Cliff Robertson, twirling his mustache, there's team spirit defying his orders to loan their spare mast to another team, there's sex in the sail locker. There's the thrilling race, the strategy, the peril, the tension... and it's all. so. pretty.

Yeah, I'd watch it pretty much every time it came on, movie or commercial channel. I own the dvd. Maybe it's time to watch it again. "Where's my whomper?" The what? "The whomper, the whomper! You take it out, it goes WHOMP! and we win!"
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I think I've finalized my movies list for the nights leading up to Halloween. Given that I watch Beetlejuice every five to ten years, depending on my mood any given Halloween season, and Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas on alternating years (and may work A Monster in Paris into that rotation after this year), and just never got into the Halloweentown oevre, and DNW actual horror-Halloween movies, this is my list this year.

I Married a Witch
Witches of Eastwick
Bell, Book and Candle
A Monster in Paris
The Witches
Hocus Pocus
The Craft
Practical Magic

This list subject to change without notice!
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The Other Human and I watched A Monster in Paris night before last, which meant that, naturally, we had to watch The Triplets of Belleville ("Swinging Belleville rendez-vouuus, marathon dancing, doop dee doooo") last night. I predict a rewatch of Ratatouille tonight, with Amelie up tomorrow, finishing with Hugo the night after. We are nothing if not predictable, and once set, we finish the damned course, dammit.

I wonder if I could dig up copies of the Reed-Chamberlain-York-Finlay-Lee-Welch The Three Musketeers and The Four Musketeers. I love about those movies that everyone was having such a good time filming the first one, they had enough good footage for two movies!

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I am not a Kevin Costner fan. The bloom fell pretty quickly off the rose of our relationship when he decided mid-movie that Robin Hood had an Indiana-ish accent, and I realized Prince of Thieves would have been a nearly-perfect movie with a Kevin of another name (Kline) in the role.

My preference for his absence on whatever screen I was watching was cemented the year both Wyatt Earp and Tombstone were released. Tombstone was flashy, with wonderfully cast characters, some in roles I'd never imagined for them. Earp was grittier, in many ways more realistic, and more honest. But two-thirds of the way through my only sitting, glorying in Quaid's Doc Holiday, I realized Wyatt Earp would have been a superb movie with the removal of forty minutes of Costner closeups.

This is my own prejudice, and I own it. I do not burden fans of Costner with it, nor expect anyone to share it. I abstain from comment when he and his movies are a topic of discussion.

So now, I'm faced with a decision of avoiding Draft Day, or seeing it and putting up with far more than forty minutes of Costner closeups and Indiana-esque accent, in order to see Tom Welling in what I think is his first post-Smallville role, and hear Sam Elliot's rumbly growl for the four or five lines he's probably given. If I wait for dvd or streaming, I can FF through all the Costner parts, right?

(There are exceptions to every rule, and Costner's is Bull Durham. Oh, my.)


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