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Do you wish for anything at 11:11? If so, what do you wish for?

I don't understand the significance of 11:11 (feel free to provide info), but I wish for A. As little damage as possible done to the country and the world until we get the US government back. and B. To get settled in and as familiar with DW as I became at LJ, and for all my flisties to follow me here. And C. A pony.

A picture of yourself.

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 First real memory of something: Mom french braiding my hair at 3.

First Best Friend: Gail, whose parents adopted her soon after mine did me.

First real kiss: Raul, who was my bff’s bf’s bff, on furlough from the local military academy, in uniform. Rrarrr!

First Job: Door to door encyclopedia sales

First screen name: My own first name

First self-purchased album: Anybody remember the Columbia Record Club?

First funeral: One I sang at—for the infant sister of one of my friends.

First pets: Blue parakeet, PrettyBoy

First piercing/tattoo: ears

First credit card: a local store card to establish credit

First enemy: My sixth grade teacher, who used me and a notorious class clown student as examples to keep the class in line.

First big trip: California and back from NC by car when I was eight.

First play/musical/performance: Dance recital for a local dance studio

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Perry Como? Or some bluegrass-gospel group. My dad loved the latter.



 Last cigarette: 2004

Last big car ride: How big? We take 2-4 hour drives all the time. Day before yesterday.

Last kiss: Goodnight to the Other Human last night

Last good cry: Sunday, first watch of Moana

Last library book checked out: I can’t remember. The library revoked my card. I didn’t want to give the books back.

Last movie seen: In the theater? I can’t remember—I think it was Civil War. At home? Moana

Last food consumed: Oatsmeal with cranberres and walnuts.

Last phone call made: I don’t make calls. Eventually, everybody calls me. The last  was from OH.

Last TV show watched: Stone House Revival

Last time showered: Yesterday

Last shoes worn: terrain sandals

Last item bought: McFerrin-Yo Yo Ma album, Hush

Last ice cream eaten: Edaleen’s Coconut almond fudge/Tin roof sundae

Last shirt worn: Blue henley

Last website visited: AO3, then DW

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9. Pet peeves

I hate when things don't work the way they're supposed to. Whether it's something new and I follow the destructions and *it doesn't work!* as promised, or something I do by rote and *suddenly*, inexplicably, *it doesn't work!* My instinct is to *pound it* until it works right. Or, you know, dies.

I hate people touching my stuff without permission. Just *tell* me you want to look at the [thing from the curio cabinet] and it's okay. Grab it without asking and it makes me itch all over, and grabby hands you.

Deceptive advertising. "Miracle cleaner/face cream/car/tooth whitener! FIxes whatever's wrong in your life ...!" Does.Not.Either.  Liar.

10. One food and one beverage for the rest of your life

Seriously, if not for the wheat sensitivity, it would be bread, in all its infinite varieties. And water. I actually love drinking water, and only drink juice or wine or beer (small amounts, the yeast slams my sinuses shut fast) or single malt occasionally. The only soda I drink is clear or club soda, with a splash of ginger ale. So water only would really be no hardship.

11. Favorite quote?

So unfair. My son and I have conducted whole, lengthy conversations solely in tv and movie quotes, to the laughing amazement of friends and relatives. And you ask me for *one*? One that has many uses and connotations would have to be Raylan Givens' "Right 'air's good."
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I missed yesterday, so lucky you, you get two today.

Do you read? What are your favorite books?

I am reading mostly fic these days. I recently read The Captive Prince trilogy, and started The Raven Cycle, though I have yet to finish it.

Favorite books: There's a trilogy I keep re-reading every now and then, by Rosemary Edgehill: Bell, Book, and Murder, plus her Failure of Moonlight, a collection of shorts about the same character. Practically anything by John D. MacDonald, Ray Bradbury, Barbara Kingsolver, Spider Robinson, or Alice Hoffman, though there are later writers, primarily women, whom I enjoy very much as well. I have been trying to dig through my boxes to find my poetry books and memoirs. I refuse to buy additional copies when I already own them. Access is necessary, though.

Three things you want to say to different people.

1. Please learn and use public manners. Don't force unwilling bystanders to share your music, and teach your children that their desire to shriek doesn't trump other people's need to go about their business minus a heart attack. The movie theater is not your living room, nor mine. I can't turn up the volume to mask your running commentary, and I paid to hear the dialog, thanks. (Exception made for the couple behind us during Flash Gordon, whose MSTK-ing enriched the script immeasurably)

2. The hell are you thinking? I didn't raise you that way.

3. If you'd get your head out of your own ass, you'd notice that everybody else is having just as difficult a time as you are--the ones who appear not to be? That's a temporary situation. We've all been there, or will be, or will be again.
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What band or musician is most important to you?

A lot of classical composers: Bach, Beethoven, Copeland, Hayden, Handel, Chopin, nsm Mozart.
Modern contemporary: David Arkenstone, for his incredible image-evoking melodies and themes
John Williams' themes have been an accompaniment to my life, as have Howard Shore's
Instrumentalists, Yo-yo Ma, Nancy Rumbel, James Galway, Itzak Perlman
Inspiration and focus: Peter, Paul, & Mary, and John Denver.

I was at one time a member of the Cousteau Society. I greatly admired and had much affection for Capt. Cousteau and his crew. Denver's 'Ay, Calypso' was the perfect anthem for the ship, the crew, and the exploratory momentum that drove them. I get chills today, when I hear it.
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The meaning behind your Tumblr name.

It's my dad's first name, with an added 's'.

Because that was fast and pretty boring, have Day 5, too: Five places you want to visit.

1. I'd love a week in NC, to see the Blue Ridge again, from Boone, and the Parkway Crafts Center at the Moses Cone House, take in the view from the front porch,
Moses Cone houseview from porch moses conemoses cone pkwy crafts ctr.pkwy crafts ctr. moses cone

and continue on to Asheville. Stop at the Folk Art Center--just bask in the rock/glass/concrete building with its cedar plank ceilings, surrounded by woods. Spend some time in the museum and the galleries.

banner-facfolk art center intr.

folk art ctr. intr. 2

And drive Hwy 221 from Blowing Rock to Linville--the prettiest drive in NC, crossing beneath the Linn Cove Viaduct.

Or a day trip down into the New River Gorge in WVA, in fall, when the leaves are prettiest.
New River Gorge

Hit my favorite metaphysical shop, Eclectic by Nature, in Greensboro. And a night or two in Atlantic Beach, with drives to Emerald Isle, Ten Mile Road to Havelock and Swansboro, and back to Morehead City, with an afternoon in Beaufort.
Watercraft Boat building BeaufortI'm aware this is only one of the five places. Quickly,

2. The Greek Islands (nsm Athens): Delphi, Mikonos, Crete
3. Tuscany
4. Iceland
5. New Zealand

Sorry for the picspam! Click to enlarge smaller pictures.
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Day three -- your day in great detail

Read more... )

Dishes done and put away, kitchen wiped down, then TV till bedtime. Tonight's lineup: DS9, Stranger Things, Dark Matter, and HtTYDragon: Race to the Edge on Netflix. OH off to bed, and I settled in with the internetz--Tumblr, email, flist, fic, until I was sleepy, around 2AM. Early for me.
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Day 2

10 Likes and Dislikes.


1. Pop culture refs acknowleged among strangers
2. Cats' purring
3. Morning coffee
4. Fleece throws on chilly days
5. Watching birds in an empty sky over the surf line
6. Roadside waterfalls
7. Swans in flight
8. Dogs' smiles
9. When you hold a baby on your lap and rub your philtrum and the tip of your nose over his or her fuzzy head, both the sensation and the incomparable baby smell
10. Tearing, rather than slicing, warm bread. Literally, "breaking bread."


1. Shrieking children in a public place
2. Dogwalkers who don't scoop
3. Bigots of any stripe (racist, misogynist, queerphobic)
4. Writers who eschew the Oxford (serial) comma
5. Strong scents of any sort in a closed space
6. People who forcibly share their music in public
7. People who don't understand the art of conversation, who talk over anyone who attempts to speak
8. People who are inflexible in their habits and preferences
9. People who are rude, whether deliberately or carelessly
10. People who talk at the movies
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so have a meme.

Day 1: I'm short--shorter than 5'1". I'm nearsighted as all fuck. I have noise tolerance issues.


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