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1. Wow, I am totally in love with last night's SPN 12.01 premiere ep! Everybody was on their A game, and I can't wait for the next ep. Been a long time since I felt this way about show!

2. We are still here. We had a trashcan lid make a break for it, but it got snagged between the porch post and the decorative lion DSCF4146 close sh, and one of the tarps blew off, but was pinned down well enough it didn't take flight. We're expecting more wind and rain today, slowly building to gusts as high as 60mph possible Saturday night. But as before, we have camping gear and food, even if we lose power, we'll be fine. I don't expect flooding, as we're on our little mountain, but gully-washers might be a factor. I'm more concerned with folks in less-protected areas. Thanks for all the good wishes--so far they seem to be working!

3. A little mystery I wasn't even aware of is solved: Alaina Huffman, with her hair naturally dark, has a very close resemblance to my XDiL. Huh. Sort of explains the mixed feelings toward her as an actress.

4. Does anybody speak Russian, and would you be up to a bit of translation?

still here

Oct. 13th, 2016 12:54 pm
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We've got light rain right now, steady, but heavier than a drizzle. Supposed to pick up again this afternoon, with rain and 18-25mph winds, gusting to 40mph. More rain through Friday, and then the storm that's off Vancouver Island, Forks, and other coastal points is supposed to come through with stronger winds and heavier rain on Saturday. But that's days away, who knows what's going to happen?

So far, so good, though!

We're having biscuits--ham, egg, and cheese biscuits for lunch, with butter and honey or jam biscuits for desert, and a pot of beans for supper. We've got the camp stove, so at least there'll be coffee in the morning, if we do lose power.


Oct. 12th, 2016 08:47 pm
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Nat Weather Service says we're getting a hyooge storm going into this weekend, high winds and heavy rain, Cat 5 hurricane stuff, beginning Thursday afternoon and going through the weekend, with even higher winds and heavier rains on Saturday. All with probable power outages.

So, I'm already psyching myself up to miss the SPN S12 premiere and no internet for days. I mean, small potatoes stacked up against loss of life and property. Still. Makes a person grumpy.
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You're back! What a relief! I swear, I could live without lights and flush toilets, just don't take my internetz away!

We had ferocious winds yesterday afternoon and evening, and about five-ish, there was this great hollow boom, like the doors of the afterworld had blown back, and everything flickered and went out. The hard-wired smoke detector beeped plaintively, once. The lights flickered again, and an unearthly groan started, but stopped an instant later. A minute passed, and another rusty groan and flicker of lights, but inside I'm pleading, "Stop. Just don't." It sounded awful, like trying to rise with a death wound, and a sound to cringe and hide from. Zombie transformer, nobody wants that.

We still have homes without power from the last big blow, so I didn't have hopes for a speedy recovery. I added extra layers, took a nap when it got dark, since deprived of both Netflix and the internet I was bereft of entertainment options, but woke to the ghastly glow of an LED camping lantern which OH had retrieved. We made a pickup cold supper, with a list beforehand and a quick delve into the fridge (the light's out in there. Something ain't right) to gather supplies, and then he took a nap. The rain stopped. The wind died. All the lights in the neighborhood were out, except for the house on the corner, where they have a generator. I found a novel I'd been intending to read, my fingerless gloves, and snuggled in under a fleece throw on the sofa. OH roused from his nap, stretched out some kinks from the chair, and went to bed. At some point I became aware of chainsaws in the distance.

It never got quite to the point where I could see my breath, but lemme tell you, that toilet seat was pretty damn polar. And then, sometime after 1:00 AM, everything came back on at once. The furnace took a breath, and then you could practically hear it tutting under its breath as it ran around with extra blankets and hot water bottles. I made the rounds, turning everything off but the reading lamp by my chair, jumped online (hugs internet!) to finish that fic I'd been reading. By the time I was done, the bathroom was less than arctic and the furnace was still catching up.

The world was still here when I woke up this morning, and so is EL JAY! Man, LJ, I always hate it when we're parted like that!
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I'm kinda flirting with the notion of popping in the fireplace dvd. The power went out for about an hour late this morning, but came back. And as iffy as the dvr is when it's babied, I shudder to think what mayhem a power outage while in play might cause.

The neighbor came to the door with our windsock in hand. "My rosebush caught it," she said. "I thought I'd bring it back before it got away again."

I will say I'm a lot happier in our present one-story. The old house, a brick two-story, used to shudder and sway in a high wind. Don't miss that a bit!
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Lost power around noon yesterday--all up and down the I-5 corridor from Everett to Blaine. Not one sweep, it was dozens--scores--of downed trees and power lines. Ours was a tree down on the power line and three blown transformers (no mistaking that sound) one street over. They routed traffic down our tiny lane-and-a-half street the rest of the day, evening, and into the night.

After getting out the camping stove and multiple battery-powered lanterns, picking up the major debris from the blown-over baker's rack and plant stand on the porch--the mended Buddha wasn't dented, in fact, he dented the deck board where his head landed--the glass insert for one of the candleholders broke, the rest, along with the loose-laid ceramic tiles, were fine. The impatiens stand blew off the porch and landed on the steps, the glazed flowerpot shattered, but the plant is fine and will be repotted. We had to take down the butterfly house flag--the hem is reduced to tatters and will need to be replaced.

We helped next-door stand up their knocked-over plant pots--one holding a tomato plant was broken irreparably, but the rest were recoverable, and OH borrowed a ladder from a second neighbor to reattach the downspout for another neighbor, before donning his OMG SO BRIGHT reflective jacket and directing traffic for about four hours.

I could probably adjust to a cabin in the woods with kerosene lamps and hand-pumped water and wood-burning cookstoves and heat, but I reeeeeally like phone, internet, and power. Which came back on around 5AM. HIIIIIII!!!! I MISSED YOU!!!!!
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::Hugs flist::

And now to catch up!

Auntie Em!

Feb. 16th, 2014 07:29 pm
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We've got not-quite-gale force winds and rain out there. We lost power for about three-four hours, and well, I was ready to go to bed at 6:45 without my internetz. Or light to read a book by. Or power to the belt sander. We're back (well, obvs) for now. Hold me, LJ?


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