Jan. 15th, 2017

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Another 'me' meme

Describe a scent that you love or loathe
Love - cut grass, wood shavings, steeped and scraped vanilla bean, coffee
Loathe - hyacinths, indoors. Outdoors, okay, but indoors they suffocate me
Describe a visual experience that dazzled you
Talking with a friend, and we stepped outside in the sun. I turned to look at her and saw her aura: she was outlined in cobalt blue sort of pulsing off her, and outside of that was a vivid pink streaming around her in an unbroken current. Never happened before, nor again, and that day had no particular import.
Describe an acquired or unusual taste
Fernet. Tastes like incense smells
Describe a sound that frightens or comforts you
Frightens me - windstorms rattling the house
Comforts me - cat purrs
Describe a sensation that is arousing or creepy
Arousing? music--unpredictably, either classical or movie soundtrack or folk
Creepy sensations - when you don't notice it's gotten dark and the windows are uncovered, and anything could be looking in at you, unseen. Ditto cracked doors--wide open or closed, please. Nothing peeping!


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