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but I cracked 10K today, after a bunch of revision and deleting of notes and sketched scenes. (Cue sound of small steam engine)
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I think I've finalized my movies list for the nights leading up to Halloween. Given that I watch Beetlejuice every five to ten years, depending on my mood any given Halloween season, and Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas on alternating years (and may work A Monster in Paris into that rotation after this year), and just never got into the Halloweentown oevre, and DNW actual horror-Halloween movies, this is my list this year.

I Married a Witch
Witches of Eastwick
Bell, Book and Candle
A Monster in Paris
The Witches
Hocus Pocus
The Craft
Practical Magic

This list subject to change without notice!


Oct. 10th, 2014 12:19 am
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I didn't really have a chance to put my day nine, season nine countdown post together, let alone get it posted before I lost internet on Sunday. It would be way past anticlimactic to post it now, let alone try and put it together, so I'ma just look forward and see what they make of Season 10.

Not a bad start...
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First of all, this is a dream, right?
Sam's prone to hallucinations, we know this about him. So this whole year had to be some psychosis-built fantasy of his while he was locked in some sanitarium trying to recover from the breakdown. Right?

Right? )

Edit: I'm hearing that folks can't see the pics. My internet connection keeps going down like an underpaid sex worker, but when I get that straightened out I'll try to repost the pictures in another format. Sorry, meanwhile.
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Season seven was so full of moments to enjoy. I wasn't a huge fan of the Leviathan storyline, but it did get us some memorable moments with Levia-Sam and Dean, SPN_0781

A reprise for the wonderful Mark Pellegrino as Hallucifer

Breaking Sam's belief in reality, even though Dean tries to reassure him what's real.

We learned a little more about Bobby's background, before we lost him in Season seven. There were new characters, Frank and Charlie, as well as returning ones, Kevin and Jodi. There was a lot to like about the season, even as it wobbled off on a strange tangent with the Leviathans. I don't think anyone expected the shock of the ending, when Leviathan leader Dick, Kevin, Dean, and Crowley all disappeared in a flash, leaving Sam not knowing how or where any of them had gone, alone in that Leviathan goo-spattered room. SPN_1409
One thing we were sure of, though. Sam wouldn't rest till he got Dean back.
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This is not a cheerful post. Five was not a cheerful season for me, despite some episodes and scenes that aimed at chuckles. Another day I might choose those. Today, S5 makes me sad. Very image heavy behind the cut.

Read more... )
I promise to try and find Season six more cheerful tomorrow.
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Jensen complained later, he was cleaning Oreo crumbs out of his ears for a week. They built a box at camera level, with an opening in the back for him to crawl into. There was a narrow "sleeve" that led to the surface, which had been dressed to look like grass and weeds, just a thin layer for him to break through. And the rest of the box was filled with crushed Oreos, to look like black dirt.

It was a welcome and dramatic reappearance. So good to see him marching bowlegged down that dirt road. I loved the outtake of the scene in the gas station of Jensen giggling, surrounded by glass fragments and having Kim Manners holler, "Suck it up, Ackles!" when he cut his arm. The reunion scene of Bobby finding Dean on his doorstep and putting him through every test to prove it was really Dean. Loved the look on Sam's face, unable to believe it was really Dean--and a few minutes later, devastated at having to confess he wasn't the one who got Dean out of hell. Lazarus Rising was a welcome return to the living for both Dean and the show itself.

Season four brought an expansion of magnitude for the SPN 'verse, opening up canon to global and hell-and-heavenly scale. It introduced examples of angels, and put forward the notion that they were nothing more than "dicks with wings." The thought process behind the decision to take the show in this direction was explained and expounded on in the extras on the S4 DVD set. I found the decision more understandable after seeing those extras.

High points--

"I'm just trying to take this *curse* and make something good out of it!"

"Come on!  I don't want ten years, I don't want one year, I don't want candy! All I want is to trade places with Dean!"

Alastair, the Hand of Ipecac, "the least of any of you", Pamela, Colin Ford, Smith and Wesson, Adam, Titannic handprint on the window, "I can't talk about that", "Don't you say that to me", "You didn't need the feather to fly", "I'm sorry."

It was an amazing season.
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I thought if I left it for a while that it would sort itself into something more linear and articulate. But what I'm doing is just remembering single episodes at a time, and feeling Sam's panic and Dean's countdown.

It was a tough season. There were some amazingly good eps, and some powerful scenes.

If I start listing them, I'll just do most of the season.  So here, a list of memorable moments:

Dean and Casey, having a companionable chat about his motivations, and hers.
Dean and Lisa, and Ben, and one of the creepiest MOWs ever.
Sam giving Dean Christmas, and the pullout shot through the window, with the Christmas lights reflecting off the hood, including the Impala in the Christmas family portrait.
Sam, bored at watching Dean die. And then pursuing the Trickster with a frightening, deadly singleness of purpose.
Henrikson, in on the secret at last. "I shot the sheriff."
Dean, "But you didn't shoot the deputy."
Sam, arguably the finest bitchface in the series entire run.
Car 54, Where Are You?
Bobby holi-fying the lawn sprinklers.

And this iconic BTS shot of Jensen preparing for Dean's death scene.

There were countless more I could mention, but these make the list tonight.
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This is a very wordy opinion post, probably boring for a lot of you, and I certainly won't mind if you skip it entire. I'll probably do a more emotional post, with pictures, later on today. Meanwhile, Things You May Not Have Known, or May Have Forgotten, About Season Three...

Words be here )
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I can't let Season two day go by without adding to my earlier post. I never got beyond Episode 1! And while most of my favorite episodes of the entire series are in this season, most of the worldbuilding, much of the mytharc and overarching mythos, at least before the advent of the angels, I'm going to bow to others who have posted about particular episodes, most of them my favorites, from the season. And I'm going to go straight to the two-part finale.

At Dallascon 14 recently someone finally asked about Sam's death scene in AHBL 1. It's 11:20 minutes into the J2 breakfast panel, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_3Ahqfc2aM (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] maryjo24 for finding the vid for me!)

Jared did a truly amazing job of dying. As an actor will, I had it broken down by beats at one point, as Jared showed Sam's life slipping away. He gave Jensen a lot to work against, as Dean felt Sam dying in his arms. It's such a powerful scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQlKlfD8rYk



Dean's monologue over Sam's body in AHBL 2 before he sells his soul has been praised to the skies, and deservedly so. But Sam's death scene affected me as deeply, and both are etched into my memory.

For me, trying to process it took writing fic about it. If you're interested, it's here.
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SPN_S1 finale end scene impala
Let's linger on this scene for a moment. The last we saw of the Impala and her passengers, savaged, broken, alone in some dark field, no sound but the ticking of hot metal as it cooled, the only glimpse of her interior showing three bodies slumped unmoving, faces slack and bloody.

This is what we carried into summer, our last glimpse of a show we'd come to love, characters we cared about, their unknown fate, and an unresolved storyline. This is what we had, for months ("for months!"), while the fate of the show teetered in the hands of the network and whoever was making decisions about fall lineup. We had no way of knowing if we'd ever find out what happened. Did they all die? Lost and alone in that desolate field? Did someone find them? Did rescue come? Did any of them survive? Who?

Then late in the summer, hope broke--SPN had been picked up for the 2006-2007 season! We would find out what happened after this traumatic season finale!

Cut to spare your page )

IMTOD brought SPN roaring back onto our screens, and set a standard for excellence I believe most of Season two lived up to. Overall, it may be my favorite season.
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Season one--

An element that quickly hooked me into the mythos of the show was gorgeous traveling shots of the car against the landscape, backed with authentic rock music. Mere glimpses lingering only for seconds, using such a shot in almost every episode established the nomadic component of the characters' lives, quickly provided background and a link to a childhood spent just like this, in the car on the way to help people in trouble, people who were rooted in the ordinary, who didn't have the skills to help themselves, or driving away from normal, having dealt for them with the unusual. Such shots became an expected component of the show, and established the car as a character, a reliable place of support and safety, as home for these nomadic knights errant.phantom traveler sky
skin curve
phantom traveler road sign
hookman hill crest

And there were iconic moments between the brothers, too. An episode I dismissed for a long time because of the cheesy MOW was Wendigo. On looking back, that episode established a lot of character elements about both brothers and their relationship. It gave us the iconic "Saving people, hunting things" line. And it showed, early on, that Sam was as gonzo about saving Dean as Dean was shown to be, later in the series, about saving Sam. This cap

wendigo handsgot cut down to this I've got you- wendigo handsand became an icon of their devotion to each other. Sam's protective nature for people not in the hunting life, and his courage were displayed in this early episode, too.Sam wingspan S1 Wendigo (1)

Season one was incredibly full of character- and mythos-building. They may have fumbled with what story they ultimately wanted to tell, but filming on a limited budget, they built an amazing, exciting foundation for the saga.
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Originally posted by quickreaver at Ganked from Cassiopeia7
and reposted from [livejournal.com profile] amber1960 --

"Last year we had the pre-season Eight days of wincest free-for-all. It was really cool and awesome to have something with daily posts that made the hiatus go by faster and elicited all kinds of squee right before the new season started.

So why not have a celebration of the nine seasons of SPN we have seen and at the same time use it as a (reverse) countdown to S10? Season 10 will premier on Oct 7th, so starting this Sunday (September 28th) I will post every day something about each season. Starting Sunday & S1, then it'll be Monday & S2 and so on. This way Season 9 celebration will take place on October 6th, just one day before 10x01 airs. Then October 7th will be reserved for a S10 squee post!

I really hope that others will join me in the Show love. Post anything you want either for a particular episode that season or for whole season: caps, fics, recs, art, meta, drabbles, picspams, gifs - anything you like to show our fabulous Show some love. :D"

Feel free to signal boost this: post it into a comm, your lj, whatever. Just spread ALLLLLLLL THE LOVE. ♥ ♥

I'm in - Countdown to Season 10 begins tomorrow!


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