Sep. 7th, 2017 07:17 pm
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Any of you who've gotten the Season 12 DVDs, can you clear something up for me? It's been...since S11 that I've bought a tv series season boxed set, so I'm not all up on what the kids are doing these days. Also, my budgetary restraint was DVDs or not at all--blu-ray was above my pay grade.

I ordered online, and the set came today, Woo! The question is, the case on this set is half the thickness of the other season sets--is it the same for anybody else? Anybody? I'm just wondering if this is the authentic set. Plus, it unbalances my shelf. Everything's uniform, S1, S2, right through S11, and then, S12--skinny! Wanna hook it up to the bicycle pump and make it match!


Nov. 9th, 2016 08:32 am
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Anybody gonna be watching the inauguration on TV on January 20 when they hand him Lucille?
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But for the next while, duration as yet to be determined, I'll be happily vacationing in the land of not coping. Um, lalala.

Avoiding news and Facebook and most social media. I'm here if you want to talk about Winchesters or writing or almost anything. Just--no politics. Not for a while. The rage comes later.
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I should figure out a way to crawl out of bed every morning, throw ibu and tylenol down my neck and stumble back to bed to sleep until the alarm goes off. Waking up is so much easier and more cheerful when I'm drugged.

Unfortunately the Puritan in me resists drugs of all sorts, even OTC pain meds, until things are dire. Stupid,  life's better when unearned pain can be avoided.
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I broke a molar, one of the four points and almost a quarter of the tooth. It took a mighty filling, but our dentist at the time did a good job. A couple of years ago, the filling broke. The dentist we had at the time hemmed and hawed about repairing the filling, intent, I'm sure, on talking me into a crown, or perhaps a root canal and crown--I suspect one of his kids needed tuition for part of a semester, or the vacation home needed a new hot tub...something. In any case, I lost the rest of the filling day before yesterday. Last night the tooth let me know it was no longer happy to put up with any sort of procrastination, whatsoever.

"Call the (new, we're quite fond of him) dentist," wisely said the OH.

"After New Year's," I grumped back unwilling to blight the holidays with dentistry. However, brushing my teeth with tap water last night nearly put me on the floor, it hurt so badly. "Call the dentist," I capitulated on waking this morning, and never an "I told you so!" kind of guy, the OH did.

Ten or eleven-fifteen, the receptionist said. We can work you in, it's our last day before after New Year's! So, breakfast, chewing c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y, blocking the tooth from the sips of necessary coffee with my tongue, and out the door.

They got me in almost immediately, he didn't gasp in horror when he saw the site (I was expecting maybe fainting, from how bad I thought it was), and we had X-rays, numbing for the gum. "Wai'!" I raised a finger. "Are you going to give me a shot?" only slightly garbled around the numbing.

He nodded. "Would you like to try it without? The forced cold air won't be pleasant."

Dude, I'll let you know. Till then, though, can we keep the ugly needle away from my jaw? It takes a week to recover from the shot. So we did, and I was fine. He scraped the area clean, rinsed it, blew it dry, packed in some temporary amalgam, dried it with a heat lamp, had me bite on the film to check the bite, drilled it down a bit, and sent me on my way.

The tooth evidently does need a crown now, whether it had needed it before or not. But before we proceed with that I have an appointment in January to assess damages and repairs, so we can make a plan and not rescue something that will have to be amended or removed later.

And as long as I don't chew ice or dog bones (which the OH occasionally offers to buy for me. I was a pitbull in a former life. All my tension resides in my jaw. I *cracked* a lexan plastic biteplate designed to keep me from grinding my teeth in my sleep. Dog bones--well, milk bones, are not as far-fetched as they seem) the tooth should function fine until January. So fruitcake is a go--candy canes? Maybe not so much.
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Switching from one page to another, and LJ kindly changed my friends page to their new friends feed.

If it happens to you and you don't want it, go to settings. The last checkbox on the page is old version--click that and save, and it should bring you back to your style and the friends page.

Rassenfrassen unwanted changes. Ricken fricken stupidheads making innocent LJ-ing an unnecessary misery. And get offa my lawn!
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My local CW station is showing Trains, Planes, and Automobiles in the 8PM to 10PM timeslot this Wednesday. It's a glitch, right? They wouldn't do that, would they? Pre-empt network prime time for local old-ass movie programming? Aren't we supposed to get the Speight-directed first-run episode on Wednesday?

Somebody hold me.

ETA: Okay, well, I took a deep breath and tracked down the airing schedule and ep.8, Just My Imagination airs on 12.02.15,  Well, now I'm out of sorts, having to wait for my fix. To quote an old friend, "Balls!"
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Is there any way to get these two new buttons, "add to friends" and "RSS" off the top of my page? There are "add to friends" links in the header and ways to add to RSS feed that don't include a tacky distracting button on the top of every frelling page. Plus, they've gone and put links at the top of the right column and put all my tags underneath. I *had* it the way I wanted it. Thanks, LJ--constant improvements contstantly downgrading use and function.

Anybody? Any help?
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From the celebrated ACL photos this weekend, there's this:

and this

Jared ACL hanky code

And, well, I can't get out of my head.
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I have become completely besotted with Chip and Joanna Gaines' Fixer Upper show on HGTV. I have long been a fan of rescue, repair, reuse, repurpose. I love the idea of using found objects as decor, especially if they can be repurposed for a new function, and Joanna Gaines seems to operate on that principle. Except that, like most designers, she will opt for visual effect, rather than practical use.

Old chairs, for example, with paint peeling--or sanded--to reveal layers of color beneath. Very lovely, until you sit in one wearing shorts and embed sharp paint chips in the underside of a thigh. Or using rusty wire baskets for storage, lovely and innovative, except that your towels or giftwrap or books emerge streaked with rust.

And still I watch, absorbed by the transformation of derelict houses whose time has passed, brought back to life and light and new purpose by a singular vision. Flaking paint and rust, though... Picturesque, but impractical.

It's like those atmospheric photos of books and candles, draped around with gauzy curtains, just waiting to combust in a single fiery 'whoosh!' The romantic, flowy nightgown, lace-trimmed cuff ruffles flapping around the chamberstick--'whoosh!'  Fake spiderwebs spun over the desktop with its inkstand and quill, corners of the curling sheet of parchment weighted with brass or glass objects, or a convenient shell or stone--the operative words, spiderwebs spun near the candle flame, 'whoosh!'

Or the antique books strewn in the grass on a foggy afternoon--do you have any idea what kind of mold spores those books are exposed to? What damage damp can do to old leather, vellum, and glue? Do you? No books in the dewy grass, unless they're modern trade or mass market paper!

Or another favorite, the trendy platform bed, with the platform extending in sharp corners beyond the edges of the bed, where they're very handy for taking you out by the knee as you stumble drunkenly toward slumber. Or stuck up near the ceiling in a loft above the living quarters, where heat rises, to suffocate you in your sleep.

This isn't actually a litany of complaint, more a musing on 'do other people really not think things through?' and accruing points toward my curmudgeon badge.
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No internet this AM. OH managed to cobble spit and baling wire connection, but it's iffy. No tech appointment available till Wednesday morning, so if I disappear unexpectedly, I'm still here, just...howling into the void of no connection.

Hold me?
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$180.00 for a teeeeny bottle of eyedrops? Really?

And that's the generic! Oy.

Thank heaven for OH, though, because I can't put drops in my own eyes, to save me, and one of these is 6 x day, the other is 2 x day. The sweetheart, he even sat down and drew up a schedule.
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Thanks to [ profile] sanshal and [ profile] stir_of_echoes, this has already gotten around pretty quickly, but I thought I'd boost the signal.

The Ebooks Tree site is apparently pulling works of fiction from AO3 and hosting them as PDFs and mobi downloads on their site. There's a link to a Tumblr with helpful suggestions for requesting a takedown Here!.

They have my MTW verse there as a single download, though they don't list anything else I've posted. But if you post to AO3, you might want to check if your fic isn't on offer at Ebooks tree, too. There is apparently no charge to download from them, but a friend tells me that site does deflect to two others which do charge to download or read, so somebody is making profit off of fic that isn't theirs.

Ebooks Tree is not reading your “do not copy/duplicate” notes on your AO3 fic; their bots are pulling things directly from AO3, without AO3′s authorization or assent. AO3 is aware of the situation, and is working on it.


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