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OH was just back from a grocery run, stacking stuff on the bar preparatory to putting it in the fridge or the pantry. As I walked past I scooped up a can of peanuts.

"I'll just be taking these peanuts."

He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and held it out to me.

"And whatever cash you got."

I took it, and kept walking.

 *    *    *

Also, if you missed it, I was interviewed by [livejournal.com profile] meus_venator for [livejournal.com profile] spn_darkside's Discussion Sunday yesterday.
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We drove out to Deception Pass this afternoon. His ashes are scattered there, where you can gaze out past the islands toward Japan. We scattered some on the NC coast before we left there, too. OH says he has a foot on each coast, an eye on each ocean.

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Too many pictures of too much stuff behind the cut...

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If you look at the third picture, on the wall just to the left of the cupboard is the whole-house thermostat. In the fourth picture, the door immediately to the cupboard's left is the furnace. The wall oven is behind it, and behind that is the washer and dryer. Between the furnace and the washer-dryer is the hot water heater. Cozy little thermostat never feels the chill. OH has discovered how to motivate it, though--a bag of remedial frozen peas draped over the top of the thermostat for a minute or two usually results in the furnace kicking on. I keep him around because he's always on his toes like that. And for car maintenance.

Ohh, I see

Feb. 1st, 2016 12:36 pm
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OH and I are both suffering a bout of slight eye irritation, from either airborne irritants, or a possible approaching cold (makes warding sign). I mentioned that my eyes were itchy, and he said, "Mine too. I took a benedryl, and washed my face in cool water, and I washed my eyes out with eyedrops."

I made a skeptical face.

"If you don't want to take anything, you could at least use the eyedrops. It's just saline."

...aaand my compulsion to set words to music kicked in. To the tune of "Sailing...(takes me away)" I warbled, "saaaline..."

He closed his eyes and did the headshake and fought a reluctant grin. And then it occured to me: in our relationship, he's the Jensen, I'm the Jared!
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Eschewing carols for the fireplace dvd, flames flickering and the snap and crackle as the wood is consumed. Missing the scent of woodsmoke, but not the choking, coughing part. And likewise eschewing problematic eggnog (we all had salmonella one Christmas day, even the cat) for Bushmill's honey? J'approve.

These decisions are wise today, and going forward.

Merry Happy, Flist!
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In one of our countryside rambles in the car yesterday, OH and I came upon the Big Rock Cafe (no bigger rock than usual in sight, however. Maybe they had to remove it to build the place), with gas pumps alongside. Lettered along the eave of the building was the legend, "Eat here and get gas." *rimshot*
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Woke instantly this morning, noped out of another dream. Summer Glau in a ruffled red sheath and heels was trapped underground and the water was rising fast. A trap door opened in the floor, with the implication that it led to air and out. Nope, nope, nope, wide awake now, thanks.

In other news, the Other Human is apparently deeply appreciated by people more than just me. A clerk he sees often in the grocery store reached an arm from behind him, her hand holding a long-stemmed red-edged pink rose. "Take this home, you could probably use the brownie points." And the neighbor across the street, whose late-summer-fall garden has been usurped by dahlias, had stems broken in the recent winds. She gave him a pale yellow one as big as his head, with almost no stem.

We have a stack of three faux-slate ceramic tiles straight out of the wall-and-floor section of Home Depot. We attached rubber feet to the corners and use them as trivets. They are 6-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch squares, of varying colors, and we have them stacked on the kitchen bar counter, off-center toward one corner. In the stacked corner is a rock, brought through customs by a British friend from her holiday at a ruined Scottish castle. The rock is roughly triangular, striped in subtle shades of grey, and echoes the corner of the stack.

OH put the dahlia in a rough-textured ivory-tan pottery bowl of water, set the bowl on the stack of tiles, with the rock on the lowest corner. So simple, so deliberate, so beautiful.  (click pictures to enlarge)

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LJ won't let me post a picture, but I just had to wave my flag, even unseen, in celebration of all the folks getting married today. Denied too long, man.

The dissenting justices...one has to wonder what the weather's like on the world where they live, right?


Gay marriage, healthcare, and removal of public displays of the flag of hate and misery, all in one week? Hells yeah! What're we going to do next week, Pinky?


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