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When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Fanfic comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, AO3

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And in my hour of darkness
Speaking words of wisdom, AO3

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A03, A03
Yeah, A03, A03.
There will be an ABO
On A03.

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   http://spn-darkside.livejournal.com/    An adult community for J2, Wincest, and dark gen fanworks

"Slip to the dark side across that line...."   You know you wanna.

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I don't think it's a surprise to anybody how needed the SPN Writing Circle has been. But it has been something of a surprise how eagerly people are participating in the first discussion post, How Do You Approach Writing a Fic? There's some amazing discussion, methods and techniques shared and discussed, questions answered, suggestions made. Come check it out!
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So this seems right up my alley.

Supernatural Writing Circle

Come check it out!

So, hi.

May. 2nd, 2016 06:21 pm
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I had a conversation with someone in email this morning, and I hope they don't mind my repeating what I said then, here. I've been away from the computer and teh internetz all day, so I'm posting this now.

I want to congratulate all those writers who submitted a draft by midnight last night! I wish you all smooth sailing, good betas, and ready words from this point to your posting date.

See, on Thursday I admitted that I could make word count, if I pushed really hard. But if I'm honest, I still don't have a clear idea of one main character's storyline in this--what do I want him to do? And I've no clear idea of the ending. It's very much something I'm going to have to wrestle with for a few months. I may post it serially on my LJ and AO3. Or I'll almost certainly do those More Than timestamps I've been promising for two years. And the sequel-ish thing to Headlong I've been wanting to write.

So in case there are any of you who visit my LJ periodically and who are waiting on a BB from me? Not this year. But, but--timestamps! Sequel-ish thing! That you've been asking for! And probably BB next year, if Wendy still wants to wrangle one.

Meanwhile, all applause to Wendy for herding cats again this year, and applause to every writer who turned in a draft and has a story to tell. Go get 'em. The artists will be waiting to pounce on your summaries, and the rest of us will all be waiting for your post date!
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in the homestretch to finish and turn in your draft by deadline,

May your fingers be swift and accurate, may your thoughts be clear, and may your focus be sharp. Hydrate, walk around every now and then, and don't forget to eat! You can do this! Best of luck!
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but I cracked 10K today, after a bunch of revision and deleting of notes and sketched scenes. (Cue sound of small steam engine)
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When I started Hostage, I was well into the first rough draft, and everything was from Jared's point of view. Jensen was only perceived through Jared's (understandably resentful) eyes, and as Jared was the hero of his own story, he was a faultless paragon, unfairly treated.

The story *was* Jared's, and it was completely understandable that I saw it, at least to begin with, through his POV. But unless Jensen was to be merely a nyah-ha-haaaa! cardboard villain, there had to be a way to look at him through eyes other than Jared's. There had to be some motivation for him beyond arrogance and ruthless acquisition, and there had to be a reason why the people of his household held him in not only respect, but in some affection.

And then I got out of my own way and I simply told Jensen's story: his love of his land and his culture, his care for it, his acceptance of responsibility, for land, culture, and the people under his care alike. His perception and understanding, his will to do what was right--even though he felt he knew what was right, that his traditions were the right way to do things--helped to make him a human character. At least I hoped they did and would.

Giving the reader a view of Jared through Jensen's eyes brought their differences into even sharper a division, and in the end, I don't think I could have finished the story had I not found a way to give voice to Jensen's POV.

For Not All Cats, I had all these distinct scenes written or half-written. I had a chronology, a timeline the story was to develop along. But there didn't seem to be any cohesion between those distinct scenes. Even viewing it cinematically, where the camera cuts from scene to scene, left me feeling the story was fragmented, with some...element missing. And I was also having trouble inserting Jared's flashback nightmares. Until I wrote the flashbacks out, then shuffled them around like puzzle pieces until I realized that in the right order, healing and Jared coming to acceptance was apparent. Once I saw that, I had the spine of my story, to arrange the scenes along chronologically.

For 2016, everything starts out from Jensen's and his family's POV, straight into the body of the story, bringing Jared and the rest of the world in on a chronological timeline. But rereading the draft last night, I realized--again--that opening on a single scene of a dramatic reunion, then starting again, going directly forward into the meat of the story, is the way to proceed. That rather than line up events purely by chronology, bringing them in at strategic points as illumination of motive and behavior will help to heighten suspense, anticipation, and guesswork (I hope) from the reader. The way forward seems suddenly clear. (Beware, there may be dragons!)

At least, this time I didn't wait until mere weeks before my posting date to figure out how to arrange my ducks.


Feb. 26th, 2016 05:54 pm
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Don't you hate it when you've written (probably) a quarter to a third the way into your BB and realize, 'Oh no, this isn't the fluffy porn I had planned! This is *another* theme about social relevance!' I hate when it does that.
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716 of 20K,+/-. Yay?
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from [livejournal.com profile] amberdreams, The Influencers meme

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When I used to sit in on hiring interviews with my director, who shared my pop culture reference bank, she once confessed to me that she always wanted to ask first, "Who were your influences?" like the guy trying to put a band together in The Commitments.
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Somebody stop me! )

Ask away. I may actually answer a few of these on my own, because I'm just that self-involved. *g*

In other news, I traditionally use those orange candy pumpkins and candy corn in my Halloween decor, because I'm classy like that. OH shopped, but could find only a smallish bag of corn, and a bag containing regular corn, that blighted, wrong, chocolate-tipped corn, and pumpkins all mixed together. I spent a bit of time this morning...sorting my corn and pumpkins. The corn goes in the black iron kettle on the coffee table with the crystal ball, The Essential Supernatural oversized hardcover, the spellbook box, the skull and flying witch votive cups, my second pine needle besom (the first stays on a wee shelf by the back door), dark-themed books by friends (Dark's Tale, Deb Grabien, Gothic Charm School, Jillian Venters, Sam the Bat by Allyson Beatrice) a copy of Epitaphs from the Very Best Old Graveyards, and Snoopy's It Was a Dark and Stormy Night--the last one's gang agley, though, and I know not where--and the Halloween and Deviant Moon tarot decks. The pumpkins get scattered amid other decorations, and the blighted with chocolate corn goes in a bowl and gets shoved at unwary guests: "Eat it! Go on, it won't hurt you, I promise!" Stupid unnatural chocolate corn.
100_4693 ed2
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J2 Fics on LiveJournal
I am also on Archive of our Own here!

Please do not re-post any of my fic, comments, or anything else from this archive to another website, including Twitter, Facebook or other social networking sites. Especially do not post recs or summaries of my work to GoodReads or any similar site. The stories are not meant to represent real people, only the characters they play. That idea is frequently misapprehended and doesn't translate well outside fandom. Fandom works should stay in fandom. Reccing a story within the confines of LJ, Tumblr, DW, or AO3 fandom is fine, but I prefer to not have summaries of my writing with RPS characters up on any site for critical review. It isn't fair to the actors and it's completely out of the context of fandom for which it was written.

NOTE: I retain ownership of all stories posted here and on AO3 under the same user name.
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August 21st: Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day

It is not surprising news that fanfiction writers are highly underappreciated.

There’s something wrong with the numbers: let’s take a popular fic with almost 4k hits. For let’s say 700 readers, it will get about 50 comments and 300 Kudos (those numbers are just an example, sometimes it’s worse than that). Maybe I’m being too kind, maybe not, but things stay the same; there’s something wrong here. Can you see it?

It takes us days, weeks, sometimes months to write a story for you. We write for ourselves yes, but we also write to share. We write to offer you content about your favourite characters. We write to bring our and your ships to life. It takes you a fraction of second to leave a Kudos, ten seconds to one, two or a few minutes to leave a comment.

And here lies our problem: there’s no proper sharing if there’s no proper feedback. An author not getting comments is generally a sad author. If I didn’t get feedback I’d wonder what’s the point in keeping on writing. A comment makes a writer’s day, most of the time even motivates them to write more.

Another important thing thrandythefabulous and I noticed: why on Earth do so many readers don’t comment (even kudos) if the fic has been up for a little more than a week or two? Why? Your feedback is still welcomed and much appreciated.

We write for ourselves, but also we write for you. And sadly, many readers are being quite… ungrateful, when giving feedback is the least they can do to thank the people offering them stories for free.

So, before we get started on our little day, let’s talk about comments:

It doesn’t matter if other readers already said what you wanted to say, we’ll still love reading it again in your words.

It doesn’t matter the fic has been up for weeks or months or years; comments on those ones are unexpected and so, it makes them ever better.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much to say, we’ll be glad anyway.

Most authors leave the comment section open to people who don’t have an Archive of Our Own (AO3) account, which means you can still… comment! How amazing is that.

That brings us to our little Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day.

The point of this day is simple; on August 21st, writers and readers alike would go on AO3 (or any fanfiction website really), on Tumblr, and leave a comment on their favourite fics (even the fics they enjoyed!) and/or send their authors a message about their works.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already or never commented. It doesn’t matter if the author doesn’t know about this post. It doesn’t matter if the author already knows how much you love their work.

Just let writers know you love the fics they write for you, simple as that!

And well, don’t forget to keep leaving a Kudos and a comment in the future, and make writers happy!
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I'm just distracted these days. I looked at the friending thing, and while I'd like to, I don't have spoons right now to decide what I want to tell people to make you *like* me.

So, you know, no posts here are ever locked, but feel free to friend away, if you wish. I usually reciprocate. Or, I'll stalk you sometime when I have the attention span, and ingratiate myself personally.

And now it's time to hunt down some carrots and zucchini and that pot of hummus. Yum!
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In addition to all the lovely fic I've been marking "to read later" so as to keep focused on getting my BB done by post date, I reeeeeally hope Mad Max: Fury Road is still on the big screen anywhere near me when I'm done. I need to see it wall to wall, at least one more time. Really. big. carrot.
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I need to tear this chapter apart and figure out why it's not working, and then piece it back together so it does.

But first, I think I'll take my last cup of coffee out on the deck and listen to the birds.
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My Big Bang reveal--

Title: Hostage

Jared has always gotten his regular omega checkups, and he takes his inhibitors like clockwork. He's devoted to his friends and his family, but he's passionate about archeology and dedicated to his career. He's got neither time nor interest for a romantic relationship, much less a mate, and he definitely doesn't want kids. He's working as TA for Dr. Omundson, head of Knox University's archeology department, while he finishes his Master's degree. Jared jumped at the chance to join the dig in the middle east, but Rirajistan regards omegas in a far more rigidly traditional way, so Jared agrees to wear Omundson's collar while in-country. There's nothing between them, the collar is just the visible sign that Jared is under the Doc's protection and responsibility.

While working in the baking sun at the remote desert site, Jared falls under the covetous eye of the local chieftain, a very traditional alpha. Omundson’s collar won't prevent Jensen’s plan to bring Jared into his harem. Betrayed, Jared is given no choice but to adapt to a different path for his life and somehow survive. Jensen has to learn that having something doesn’t always mean getting what you want.

The amazing [livejournal.com profile] chomaisky has chosen to work with me. I am such a fan, and really excited to get to work with her!

Oh, yeah, there's the writing part still to do yet. I can write while doing the dance of joy, right?

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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sanshal and [livejournal.com profile] stir_of_echoes, this has already gotten around pretty quickly, but I thought I'd boost the signal.

The Ebooks Tree site is apparently pulling works of fiction from AO3 and hosting them as PDFs and mobi downloads on their site. There's a link to a Tumblr with helpful suggestions for requesting a takedown Here!.

They have my MTW verse there as a single download, though they don't list anything else I've posted. But if you post to AO3, you might want to check if your fic isn't on offer at Ebooks tree, too. There is apparently no charge to download from them, but a friend tells me that site does deflect to two others which do charge to download or read, so somebody is making profit off of fic that isn't theirs.

Ebooks Tree is not reading your “do not copy/duplicate” notes on your AO3 fic; their bots are pulling things directly from AO3, without AO3′s authorization or assent. AO3 is aware of the situation, and is working on it.


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