Ahh, spring

Mar. 5th, 2017 12:57 pm
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Yesterday's weather: It snowed, it rained, the sun came out.
Today's weather: It was rainy, the sun came out, it's snowing. No, wait! The sun's out again.

I'm getting dizzy.

Also, there's a fascinating topic in today's discussion over at [livejournal.com profile] spn_darkside, [livejournal.com profile] meus_venator's The Thaw, http://archiveofourown.org/works/2058060?view_full_work=true, the first installment of her Iron Ridge Pack saga. Have you read it? Come talk about it. If you've not, come find out why those of us who have read it love it so much.


Sep. 22nd, 2016 12:19 pm
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I read a quite nice J2 fic last night, well-written, good characterization, interesting plot. But the fourth or fifth time I found myself skipping a two page sex scene...

...well, it reminded me of why I stopped reading Gabaldon. It's like Tolkien: walk, walk, walk, stop to eat, walk, walk, walk while singing about eating, walk, walk, walk, stop to eat, only with sex instead of second (third, fourth) breakfast.

I realize some of us are in it for the smexin'. But me? I'm easily bored with two pages of every eight devoted to knocking boots. And *two pages?* Every time? That's more repetition on a theme than my story-craving heart can accept. But that's just me.
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   http://spn-darkside.livejournal.com/    An adult community for J2, Wincest, and dark gen fanworks

"Slip to the dark side across that line...."   You know you wanna.

(awesome banner by [livejournal.com profile] meus_venator)
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I don't think it's a surprise to anybody how needed the SPN Writing Circle has been. But it has been something of a surprise how eagerly people are participating in the first discussion post, How Do You Approach Writing a Fic? There's some amazing discussion, methods and techniques shared and discussed, questions answered, suggestions made. Come check it out!
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This assaulted me today and insisted on being written. wc: 2186. It has nothing at all to do with anything I have written, nor anything I am writing, or plan to write in the future. In all probability, this is all of it there will ever be. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] meus_venator for the superspeedy beta.

Title: Can't always get what you want
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fufaraw
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word count: 2,200
Warning/spoilers: A/B/O universe, dystopia AU
Disclaimers: I own nothing, this is pure fiction written just for fun. Please don’t sue.
Summary: Jared and Jensen sit down for a conversation

Two men faced each other in the gloom of a room shuttered against afternoon sun, one relaxed on the sofa, the other cheeking the edge of the desk. Sounds of a party outdoors, laughter of children and adults, the splash of someone jumping into the pool, and the hum and babble of conversation filtered through the closed windows. )
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to quote [livejournal.com profile] deirdre_c, from whom I got this--she got it from [livejournal.com profile] killabeez.

Comment with the title of one of my fics http://fufaraw.livejournal.com/98937.html (not that many, shouldn't be hard) and a number, and I will tell you:

1. What was my inspiration for this fic? How did it come to me?
2. What’s my favorite part of the fic?
3. What’s the part of the fic I’m most proud of?
4. What part of the fic was the hardest for me to write?
5. What part of the fic am I still dissatisfied with?
6. Who’s my favorite character in the fic?
7. Were there any major decisions I made about the fic that could have made it go a whole different direction?
8. Was there anything I only learned about the fic after I had finished it? (themes, motifs, symbolism, etc)
9. Did anyone in the fic surprise me by doing anything? If so, what?
10. If I had to sum up this fic in a sentence, what would it be?
11. If I were to rewrite this fic, what would I change?
12. Did any thing about this fic’s reception surprise me?
13. What were my beta’s major comments about the first draft of this fic?
14. If I were to write a sequel to this fic, what would it be about?
15. Any other question about the fic!
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Somebody stop me! )

Ask away. I may actually answer a few of these on my own, because I'm just that self-involved. *g*

In other news, I traditionally use those orange candy pumpkins and candy corn in my Halloween decor, because I'm classy like that. OH shopped, but could find only a smallish bag of corn, and a bag containing regular corn, that blighted, wrong, chocolate-tipped corn, and pumpkins all mixed together. I spent a bit of time this morning...sorting my corn and pumpkins. The corn goes in the black iron kettle on the coffee table with the crystal ball, The Essential Supernatural oversized hardcover, the spellbook box, the skull and flying witch votive cups, my second pine needle besom (the first stays on a wee shelf by the back door), dark-themed books by friends (Dark's Tale, Deb Grabien, Gothic Charm School, Jillian Venters, Sam the Bat by Allyson Beatrice) a copy of Epitaphs from the Very Best Old Graveyards, and Snoopy's It Was a Dark and Stormy Night--the last one's gang agley, though, and I know not where--and the Halloween and Deviant Moon tarot decks. The pumpkins get scattered amid other decorations, and the blighted with chocolate corn goes in a bowl and gets shoved at unwary guests: "Eat it! Go on, it won't hurt you, I promise!" Stupid unnatural chocolate corn.
100_4693 ed2
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J2 Fics on LiveJournal
I am also on Archive of our Own here!

Please do not re-post any of my fic, comments, or anything else from this archive to another website, including Twitter, Facebook or other social networking sites. Especially do not post recs or summaries of my work to GoodReads or any similar site. The stories are not meant to represent real people, only the characters they play. That idea is frequently misapprehended and doesn't translate well outside fandom. Fandom works should stay in fandom. Reccing a story within the confines of LJ, Tumblr, DW, or AO3 fandom is fine, but I prefer to not have summaries of my writing with RPS characters up on any site for critical review. It isn't fair to the actors and it's completely out of the context of fandom for which it was written.

NOTE: I retain ownership of all stories posted here and on AO3 under the same user name.
Read more... )

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August 21st: Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day

It is not surprising news that fanfiction writers are highly underappreciated.

There’s something wrong with the numbers: let’s take a popular fic with almost 4k hits. For let’s say 700 readers, it will get about 50 comments and 300 Kudos (those numbers are just an example, sometimes it’s worse than that). Maybe I’m being too kind, maybe not, but things stay the same; there’s something wrong here. Can you see it?

It takes us days, weeks, sometimes months to write a story for you. We write for ourselves yes, but we also write to share. We write to offer you content about your favourite characters. We write to bring our and your ships to life. It takes you a fraction of second to leave a Kudos, ten seconds to one, two or a few minutes to leave a comment.

And here lies our problem: there’s no proper sharing if there’s no proper feedback. An author not getting comments is generally a sad author. If I didn’t get feedback I’d wonder what’s the point in keeping on writing. A comment makes a writer’s day, most of the time even motivates them to write more.

Another important thing thrandythefabulous and I noticed: why on Earth do so many readers don’t comment (even kudos) if the fic has been up for a little more than a week or two? Why? Your feedback is still welcomed and much appreciated.

We write for ourselves, but also we write for you. And sadly, many readers are being quite… ungrateful, when giving feedback is the least they can do to thank the people offering them stories for free.

So, before we get started on our little day, let’s talk about comments:

It doesn’t matter if other readers already said what you wanted to say, we’ll still love reading it again in your words.

It doesn’t matter the fic has been up for weeks or months or years; comments on those ones are unexpected and so, it makes them ever better.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much to say, we’ll be glad anyway.

Most authors leave the comment section open to people who don’t have an Archive of Our Own (AO3) account, which means you can still… comment! How amazing is that.

That brings us to our little Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day.

The point of this day is simple; on August 21st, writers and readers alike would go on AO3 (or any fanfiction website really), on Tumblr, and leave a comment on their favourite fics (even the fics they enjoyed!) and/or send their authors a message about their works.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already or never commented. It doesn’t matter if the author doesn’t know about this post. It doesn’t matter if the author already knows how much you love their work.

Just let writers know you love the fics they write for you, simple as that!

And well, don’t forget to keep leaving a Kudos and a comment in the future, and make writers happy!
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Wanted to apologize for being so thin on the ground here, lately. There's real life stuff needing to be done, and all the rest of my focus right now is on my BB. Which, is proceeding. If it's not magically completing itself, well, that is a little too much to hope for, I suppose.

But I'm also being scarce on purpose because--People! So Much Tempting Meanttobe fic! So! Much! So tempting! So I'm kinda marking the dates so I can come back later and eat it ALL up with a SPOON! And BB starts posting *tomorrow*!! So much fic, and me with a moratorium on reading until I post. So sad.

It's really warm, today, and we've deployed the fans, which is really the only way we survive summer with no AC. I'm lacking one oscillator, which is on a high closet shelf and much be fetched by the Other Human, and also the cardboard baffle we made for the front window to keep sun heat on the window glass from heating up the room. It's white on the side that faces out, for reflection, and corrugated for a bit of insulation. We *tell ourselves* it's helping, and it may be, a degree or two. The only thing left to do, and I'm saving it for end of July and August--is mount the shade in the skylight. It turns the whole center of the house into underwaterish gloom, though, and I don't like it. But if it's a choice between baking in our juices and living in gloom, well....

Hope you're all well.
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[livejournal.com profile] chomaisky sent me draft art for my BB! My cheeks hurt from all the smiling, you guys. The first glimpse of it made my mouth water, no lie. It is ah-mazing!

But the thing is, I can't just sit here and moon at it (I want to! It's so pretty!), I need to work on my second draft. And do real stuff, even if it's not as much fun as fic.

So. I should...go do that. Over there.
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Forward movement on the BB, at last. Such a relief, I was beginning to reconcile to not making first draft deadline. More optimistic at the moment, if not an absolute sure thing. Whew! Tired of being a wind-up toy whirring in place against a wall!
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wolves, wolves, J2 AU, PG! This sort of helps explain a comment I left in [livejournal.com profile] roxymissrose's LJ recently. Also, I feel I should apologize for the utter lack of sex. So far.

title: Headlong
author: [livejournal.com profile] fufaraw
pairing: Jensen, Jared
rating: PG
genre: Gen, for now
word count: 3,750
warnings: Shifter AU
summary: Jared was just a kid, and Jensen was going to show him the ropes. Any time now.
Unbetaed, which never happens. I own nothing except my mistakes.

He should have said something to the kid. He'd meant to, all along, but it was difficult enough getting him to relax, to accept Jensen as a friend. He hadn't wanted to drop this on him as well, not this soon. He'd thought there was time, that he could ease into it, explain things, handle any freakouts--because there were bound to be freakouts, weren't there? Well, there were, now. And by the expression on the kid's face and his posture, there wasn't any more time, none at all. Read more... )


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