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[livejournal.com profile] simplybeing asked, If you could write an episode of Supernatural, that would actually be filmed and aired (so, heh, keep in mind network restrictions and all that), what would it be about?

You guys, I'm such an epic failure at sexy and suggestive, wink wink, nudge nudge. I suppose I should go for ladies night at the strip joint, where Sam and Dean wander in all unaware, and get roped into dancing for their drinks. There's sibling competition, and audience voting, and who do you think would win? And what would the background be? Lessons to impress Jess? Working as a bar back and finding out dancers were much better paid? Yeah, that would be fun.

But I'd go back to the episode Jensen talked about, of the two of them in a laundromat somewhere, middle of the night, playing cards while they wash all their clothes. Captive audience, right? I mean, where're you gonna go in your skivvies? So sit your butts down and maybe get some of your shit out in the open, call each other on stuff, and work that crap out. Secrets are lethal, and secrets left to fester just rot from the inside out. Time to clear out those stinky duffels and air those stinky grudges, and find some common ground to move on without all the old resentments and suspicions and misunderstandings.

Yeah. It's not even NC17, the censors wouldn't say boo. Show some abs, some biceps, a little skin in the boxer briefs for eye candy while they work things out. I'd like that, a lot.


Oct. 29th, 2014 03:29 pm
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I...liked it.

It may not have been good television, there may have been a lack of tension. I did notice that Kate got a long monologue, mostly coverage of her with a couple of reaction shots of Dean, maybe one of Sam. The camera lingered, and didn't rush away and on to the next scene. That's unusual for today's tv. We've been watching older series, like X Files, and it's noticeable how many fractions of a second longer the camera lingers on an establishing shot, or a reaction as a character absorbs news, processes information. Teen Wolf is especially bad at go-go-go, no lingering, no padding at all on the dialog or action, barely time for reaction and even then we're fading into the next scene.

But I did notice the slower pace of Paper Moon, and while some interpret it as not having enough script to keep the camera moving, I found it...restful. The green cooler (!! my old friend!) scene at the shore was actually restful. I did detect underlying tension, but it was low-level, and really, I'm ready for some low-level tension and relaxation. It makes sense to me that these guys are abraded and worn on all their surfaces. Their mental and emotional nerve endings have been assaulted and frayed, they've been in flight or fight so long--this is the backlash. This is the comedown. The breather, the drifting, minimal reaction period where maybe they can recover and recoup, a little. Where every word isn't a challenge--or if it is, they're too tired, too over-reactioned out to jump. Talking is good. And listening is possible.

I could be proven wrong in subsequent eps, but what I saw was thoughtful exchange of opinion, reaction, and individually reached conclusions in this ep. And definitely a chance of healing, and finding more steady common ground.

I can live in hope, at least.
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I thought if I left it for a while that it would sort itself into something more linear and articulate. But what I'm doing is just remembering single episodes at a time, and feeling Sam's panic and Dean's countdown.

It was a tough season. There were some amazingly good eps, and some powerful scenes.

If I start listing them, I'll just do most of the season.  So here, a list of memorable moments:

Dean and Casey, having a companionable chat about his motivations, and hers.
Dean and Lisa, and Ben, and one of the creepiest MOWs ever.
Sam giving Dean Christmas, and the pullout shot through the window, with the Christmas lights reflecting off the hood, including the Impala in the Christmas family portrait.
Sam, bored at watching Dean die. And then pursuing the Trickster with a frightening, deadly singleness of purpose.
Henrikson, in on the secret at last. "I shot the sheriff."
Dean, "But you didn't shoot the deputy."
Sam, arguably the finest bitchface in the series entire run.
Car 54, Where Are You?
Bobby holi-fying the lawn sprinklers.

And this iconic BTS shot of Jensen preparing for Dean's death scene.

There were countless more I could mention, but these make the list tonight.
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Calling all fandom!  To celebrate the SPN Fandom Day of Love, we are hosting a FANDOM LOVE MEME!


Come share your love!

SPN and SPN fandom have colored every facet of my life, in some way, and I can't imagine where I'd be, what my life would be, without all of you.

People I've met, online and off, have become friends. The amazing fic and vids and art have left me breathless, in tears of either sorrow or anger or joy. Meta sparked by elements of show which often parallel society, those discussions have opened me up to awareness of issues, experiences, and paths I might never have found without this fandom. Fic, in all genres, has explored subjects I never would have thought of, much less approached, and given me the bravery to attempt writing again, after years of silence.

SPN has been a very personal experience for me, one I'm grateful for. But! I also glory and am joyful in fandom itself, in the shared appreciation for pretty men and silly stories and deep affection. I'm awed at fandom's support of those it considers its own, for the outreach of money and talent and effort on behalf of those devastated by a natural emergency, or by personal distress.  I love the signal boosting nature of fandom--read this fic, watch this vid, help this fan in need, talk me down from a disastrous act in the middle of towering stress, tell me I'm not a waste of space, and more, much more.

The little show nobody thought would survive on an obscure little network, and the fans who kept it on air, who reached out to each other in love and sorrow and sympathy and joy--you're all magnificent. I love us. I'm proud of us.
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And it made my heart trip, caught my breath, at the feels.

created by traveler in time, aka Sister of Sin. Go by her LJ,  http://sisterofsin.livejournal.com/, and leave her some love.

An opinion

Feb. 13th, 2013 08:42 pm
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I like Castiel. As he's the third lead on the show, I wish we would get more of his storyline. I'd really like to see more interaction between Cas and Sam, as well as some more focus on his story. The Naomi storyline is interesting, but show isn't really devoting enough time to it to give it any importance.

I am not a Destiel shipper. Appearances to the contrary, I'm not a Wincest shipper, either. )


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