Mar. 17th, 2017

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The meaning behind your Tumblr name.

It's my dad's first name, with an added 's'.

Because that was fast and pretty boring, have Day 5, too: Five places you want to visit.

1. I'd love a week in NC, to see the Blue Ridge again, from Boone, and the Parkway Crafts Center at the Moses Cone House, take in the view from the front porch,
Moses Cone houseview from porch moses conemoses cone pkwy crafts ctr.pkwy crafts ctr. moses cone

and continue on to Asheville. Stop at the Folk Art Center--just bask in the rock/glass/concrete building with its cedar plank ceilings, surrounded by woods. Spend some time in the museum and the galleries.

banner-facfolk art center intr.

folk art ctr. intr. 2

And drive Hwy 221 from Blowing Rock to Linville--the prettiest drive in NC, crossing beneath the Linn Cove Viaduct.

Or a day trip down into the New River Gorge in WVA, in fall, when the leaves are prettiest.
New River Gorge

Hit my favorite metaphysical shop, Eclectic by Nature, in Greensboro. And a night or two in Atlantic Beach, with drives to Emerald Isle, Ten Mile Road to Havelock and Swansboro, and back to Morehead City, with an afternoon in Beaufort.
Watercraft Boat building BeaufortI'm aware this is only one of the five places. Quickly,

2. The Greek Islands (nsm Athens): Delphi, Mikonos, Crete
3. Tuscany
4. Iceland
5. New Zealand

Sorry for the picspam! Click to enlarge smaller pictures.


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