Apr. 11th, 2017

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 First real memory of something: Mom french braiding my hair at 3.

First Best Friend: Gail, whose parents adopted her soon after mine did me.

First real kiss: Raul, who was my bff’s bf’s bff, on furlough from the local military academy, in uniform. Rrarrr!

First Job: Door to door encyclopedia sales

First screen name: My own first name

First self-purchased album: Anybody remember the Columbia Record Club?

First funeral: One I sang at—for the infant sister of one of my friends.

First pets: Blue parakeet, PrettyBoy

First piercing/tattoo: ears

First credit card: a local store card to establish credit

First enemy: My sixth grade teacher, who used me and a notorious class clown student as examples to keep the class in line.

First big trip: California and back from NC by car when I was eight.

First play/musical/performance: Dance recital for a local dance studio

First musician you remember hearing in your house: Perry Como? Or some bluegrass-gospel group. My dad loved the latter.



 Last cigarette: 2004

Last big car ride: How big? We take 2-4 hour drives all the time. Day before yesterday.

Last kiss: Goodnight to the Other Human last night

Last good cry: Sunday, first watch of Moana

Last library book checked out: I can’t remember. The library revoked my card. I didn’t want to give the books back.

Last movie seen: In the theater? I can’t remember—I think it was Civil War. At home? Moana

Last food consumed: Oatsmeal with cranberres and walnuts.

Last phone call made: I don’t make calls. Eventually, everybody calls me. The last  was from OH.

Last TV show watched: Stone House Revival

Last time showered: Yesterday

Last shoes worn: terrain sandals

Last item bought: McFerrin-Yo Yo Ma album, Hush

Last ice cream eaten: Edaleen’s Coconut almond fudge/Tin roof sundae

Last shirt worn: Blue henley

Last website visited: AO3, then DW

fufaraw: sheep plus text (memesheep)
Do you wish for anything at 11:11? If so, what do you wish for?

I don't understand the significance of 11:11 (feel free to provide info), but I wish for A. As little damage as possible done to the country and the world until we get the US government back. and B. To get settled in and as familiar with DW as I became at LJ, and for all my flisties to follow me here. And C. A pony.

A picture of yourself.


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