Apr. 9th, 2017

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tea tray with pot, cup and saucer, plate with biscotti

English Breakfast in the unmarked American redware pot, almond biscotti on Royal Doulton's Clairmont daisy china.

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I'm exhausted and I'm confused and I'm intimidated, plus I'm in mourning a bit over leaving home. Well, having a new step-parent whose dictum is "my way or the highway" and well, honestly, I can't DO their way, so I couldn't stay. I haven't deleted my LJs yet--and won't. There's some cleanup I need to do, and I have ridiculous paid time so I'm going to *take* my time and leave nothing behind. I'm still reading and commenting over there, and will, for a while at least. But no new posts. Those go here.

And as for here, I will eventually get a sticky post up with links to my fics. All...half dozen of them. I will...oh lord, eventually make usable links from one chapter to the next, and from the masterpost to the correct chapters, for all the huge amount of...six or seven, maybe eight? fics. I will winnow the icons for the ones I will use the most. I will. I promise. Just...not now. Not today, and probably not by this time next week.

But on the upside, everything is here, in case LJ goes kerblooey. And I'll eventually get it all done, be settled in and comfy, and find the other immigrants and re-establish communication, and proceed.

But not now. Now, we nap.
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A picture of your handwriting


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