Apr. 28th, 2017 01:38 am
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Jared and a fan

Jared recently with a fan.

a closer look

A closer look. Shadows, maybe? Wishful thinking?

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So, I seem to have taken alarm where there now appears to be no need, and I apologize for spreading unsubstantiated rumors. "It's not a roomah," at least, not a valid one.

[ profile] mickeym sent me here:

for more factual information. I hope this helps allay some fear and alarm, and once again, I'm sorry for not checking things out more carefully before posting.

Although...backup sites are never a bad thing, and I do confess sometimes it takes something as drastic as this to actually push me into *doing* them. So that's...a good thing? Yes?
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Forwarded from my flist:

Please share this as widely as you can. And make alternate plans for your own journals, just in case, and leave us links and addresses as soon as you've done that. And don't delay too long in doing it, okay? I don't want to lose track of any of you.

I will try to get my Dreamwidth account up to date as quickly as possible, but I'm already there. And you can find me at AO3, both places under this username.

Hold me?


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