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These questions come from Feodora

1. How did you name your pets?
2. Poirot or Miss Marple?
3. Do you have a FB account too?
4. Books - hardcover or paperback
5. Mobile(cell phone): Windows/Android or Apple?

We've always cued on the pet's appearance/personality, and a bit of fannishness. There was Jennyanydots, from elliot's Book of Practical Cats. She was a dilute tortoiseshell who looked as if someone had splashed paint on her, thus, dots. And the solid grey Merlin--actually named after football star Merlin Olsen. Jenny's daughters, Buttercup,a relatively rare yellow tabby female who we thought was a tom, and who had the demeanor of Miss Piggy, all "Mew? Mew? Meeeoww?" when she wanted something, and "Kiiiii-YAAAAH!" when you denied her whatever it was she wanted. Her sister, a true tortoiseshell with the brightest orange showing through the densest black fur, we named Ember. Another mostly black tortoiseshell who was very hoppy as a kitten, we named Cricket. Thomas was named before he moved in on us from neglectful neighbors, and would not answer to anything else. My mom's white miniature poodle's ears showed some apricot in her lineage, and was named Taffy because of the taffy-color on her ear tips. Our three-legged feral rescue was TC--originally for Three-Claw, but also for Tripod Cat, Thelonius Clawed, and other nicks with those initials. Punkin moved in on us from *other* neglectful neighbors, was a big orange tabby with a very sweet and grateful disposition.

While I love the period-ness and the fussiness of Poirot, I have more admiration and fellow-feeling for Miss Marple.

I do have a FB account, which I use to keep in contact with distant relatives and old friends I see nowhere else. I never post there.

If I truly love a book enough to want to keep it, I'll find it in hardcover, either new, or good-condition used. Neither the hands nor the eyes enjoy mass market paperbacks, no matter how inexpensive, so for reading I prefer trade paper, good used condition.

While I have a smart phone, I deliberately don't have internet access enabled. I use it for calls, texts, a contact list, and photos. I don't even have games on it, or maps or gps. I enjoy my status as phone luddite, thanks.


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