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We have had these two pictures hung in our living room for several years. They're a progression: leaving childhood behind in the first, the teddy bear abandoned, teasing the male figure forward with ephemeral bubbles, to exploring new worlds in the second, especially where two worlds not only overlap but have begun to bleed into each other.

gargoyles- Parkes
worlds collide
(Pictures are taken aslant b/c of window glare)

After several years during which OH was supposed to build custom bookshelves, for which he had measured, bought, and had the lumber cut, and which has set, untouched, in the workshop lo, these many years, I bought three six-foot bookshelves, 25" wide and 10" deep, and had them shipped. We finally got around to rearranging the furniture, assembling the bookshelves and putting them in place. The flatscreen and the entertainment stand slots neatly into the corner, bracketed by two of the tall bookshelf units, and the Parkes print, moved several inches, tucks between the bookshelf to the left of the tv and the third bookshelf. There will be a low unit under the print to span the space between the tall bookshelves. Eventually.

The painting is centered in the space between the rightmost bookshelf and the end wall. The pictures are farther apart now, and because of their size, hung higher than the top of the shelf units. But the tops of the bookshelves offer an opportunity to span those heights, to carry the spherical theme, as it were, from one picture to the other. And what better way to do that than with globes? Earth globes, shabby, used, inexpensive ones long out of date, of various ages and models, sizes and colors. I started searching nearly the instant I had the idea, and have found *so many* globes--so many! I need one 12", and have found one mounted not on a disc base but a tripod, with rocketship feets! Several in browns and blues, in different sizes. But I was sort of pulled to a stop by this one.

ruined globe
Isn't that the most marvelous globe? It looks like a lonely planet, rocketing through space, bombarded over eons by asteroids and meteorites and scoured by space dust, but valiantly sailing on into the void.

Need I try to describe the face OH made when I showed him the picture? Or the adamant rejection of such an old, dirty object in our living space? I'm sad about it, I would *love* to have it, but I'll try to console myself with the gang of smaller and only slightly shabby globes I seem to be accruing.


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