Mar. 15th, 2017

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so have a meme.
Day 1: I'm short--shorter than 5'1". I'm nearsighted as all fuck. I have noise tolerance issues.
fufaraw: sheep plus text (memesheep)
Day 2

10 Likes and Dislikes.


1. Pop culture refs acknowleged among strangers
2. Cats' purring
3. Morning coffee
4. Fleece throws on chilly days
5. Watching birds in an empty sky over the surf line
6. Roadside waterfalls
7. Swans in flight
8. Dogs' smiles
9. When you hold a baby on your lap and rub your philtrum and the tip of your nose over his or her fuzzy head, both the sensation and the incomparable baby smell
10. Tearing, rather than slicing, warm bread. Literally, "breaking bread."


1. Shrieking children in a public place
2. Dogwalkers who don't scoop
3. Bigots of any stripe (racist, misogynist, queerphobic)
4. Writers who eschew the Oxford (serial) comma
5. Strong scents of any sort in a closed space
6. People who forcibly share their music in public
7. People who don't understand the art of conversation, who talk over anyone who attempts to speak
8. People who are inflexible in their habits and preferences
9. People who are rude, whether deliberately or carelessly
10. People who talk at the movies


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